Lifetime’s Blending Christmas: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘Blending Christmas’ is a Lifetime Christmas movie that lives up to its name. When Liam decides to propose to Emma over the holidays, things don’t quite go as planned once both their families enter the equation. As the couple’s extended family squabble over the tiniest of matters, the two lovers begin to question their own relationship. However, a bit of holiday cheer comes to the rescue, and the warm holiday film lives up to its feel-good promise.

Directed by Marla Sokoloff, the holiday romance has a fitting backdrop laden with Christmas décor and cozy homes. The feeling of families coming together is underscored by the picturesque surroundings of the characters. If you were wondering where ‘Blending Christmas’ was filmed, we’ve got the story!

Blending Christmas Filming Locations

The spectacular natural landscapes that adorn the movie’s backdrop were lensed in California, where the crew spent time filming in multiple locations. Principal photography kicked off in March 2021, and the film was seemingly in the final phases of post-production in August of the same year. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the movie to life.

Ventura County, California

‘Blending Christmas’ was shot almost entirely in Simi Valley, which covers an area of about 62 square miles in Ventura County in Southern California. Known for its rocky, mountainous terrain, the valley and its surrounding areas make for some very picturesque backdrops. The outdoor hiking scenes also appear to have been shot on location outdoors in the Simi Valley region.

A substantial part of the film is set indoors in a luxurious getaway where the two families spend the holidays. An imposing building in Simi Valley, most likely a resort or heritage venue, was seemingly used as a stand-in for the Hacienda de la Sierra, which is where Liam takes Emma for their vacation. Considering its proximity to Los Angeles, which is just over twenty miles away, it is quite likely that some studio filming was also carried out in the home of the Hollywood sign.

Blending Christmas Cast

The cast is led by Haylie Duff, who essays the role of Emma. Duff is a multi-talented artist and actress who is known for her roles in films like ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ Her television appearances include ‘Blackout,’ ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ and ‘Real Rob,’ amongst others.

Across from Duff stars Aaron O’Connell as Liam, who plans to propose to Emma during their holiday getaway. O’Connell also has an extensive list of film appearances to his credit, including ‘Love Accidentally’ and ‘Runnin’ from My Roots.’ He is also known for his roles in the television series ‘NCIS’ and is in a host of Christmas movies that include ‘Candy Coated Christmas,’ ‘This Is Our Christmas,’ and ‘With Love, Christmas,’ among others.

The supporting cast of ‘Blending Christmas’ is especially interesting and includes cast members from the iconic vintage sitcom ‘The Brady Bunch.’ Barry Williams (John), Christopher Knight (Brian), Mike Lookinland (Andrew), Susan Olsen (Valerie), and Robbie Rist (Sheldon) essay the extended family of the central couple. The cast also includes Jennifer Elise Cox (Tina), Beth Broderick (Michelle), Telma Hopkins (Nicole), and Greg Evigan (William), along with Emily Alabi (Kat), Ciarra Carter (Trish), and Fatima Reedy (Parker).

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