My Husband’s Seven Wives: Is the Lifetime Thriller Inspired by a True Story?

Kristi Murdock portrays Maggie, a young woman who marries the man of her dreams, Alan, or she thinks she does, in Lifetime’s ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives,’ a thriller drama movie helmed by Louise Alston. What begins as a dreamy marriage turns out to be something entirely superficial when Maggie comes across Pam, a woman who claims to be Alan’s wife. Taken aback, the two women start as rivals to each other but when they discover that Alan has had many other wives in the past and drained them financially, Maggie and Pam team up.

Soon, it becomes a race against time when Alan realizes that his web of lies is out in the open as the wives must come up with a plot to exact revenge from the fraudster. Originally titled ‘He Had Seven Wives,’ the female-driven film, featuring Kristi Murdock, Christina Licciardi, and Adam Harper, explores some true-to-life themes and elements, such as fraud and people leading double lives, raising questions about the authenticity of ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives.’

My Husband’s Seven Wives is Not Based on Reality

No, ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives’ is not based on a true story. The credit for the enthralling story of the Lifetime film should be given to the screenwriter Matt Fitzsimons, who has previously worked on other thrillers like ‘Lies Beneath the Surface,’ ‘Murder on Maple Drive,’ and ‘Psycho Intern.’ Thanks to his creative mind and excellent penmanship, he managed to conjure up the seemingly realistic yet gripping screenplay for the Louise Alston directorial.

As unfortunate and horrific as it is, cases involving men marrying multiple women for ulterior motives, especially fraud, are not far from reality. For instance, in 2022, the police finally arrested an Indian man named Bibhu Prakash Swain after 43 years of scamming women. He had been married to at least 27 different women in 10 states, defrauded banks, forged credit cards, and cheated people on several occasions. His main motive behind marrying multiple women was to make money off of them by taking their jewelry or cash. Moreover, Simon Leviev, also known as “The Tinder Swindler,” is another example of a con man who used women for monetary gain. Thus, you might have heard about such cases involving con men, which is the reason why you found ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives’ authentic.

Besides real life, many of you might have heard about con men through some movies and TV shows. The 2019 crime drama filmThe Good Liar‘ is one of the examples that touches upon the same themes and elements. Helmed by Bill Condon, it revolves around an aged con man named Roy Courtnay who targets wealthy widow Betty McLeish and hatches a plan to steal her millions worth of fortune. However, his plan backfires and the swindle turns into an intense high-stakes game. Since the two movies in question share similar storylines and character traits, you find them familiar. So, considering all the factors mentioned above, it would be safe to say that though ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives’ contains realistic elements, the Lifetime movie is far from reality.

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