Where is Lilly Yi From Queer Eye Now?


Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ follows the Fab Five- Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Tan, and Karamo- as they go around the country, connecting with people who are in the need of a makeover. They help these people reinvent their lives by not only helping them on the outside, but also focusing on the issues on the inside.

The ninth episode of Queer Eye season 5, titled ‘Paging Dr Yi’, brings them to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania where they meet a woman named Lilly Yi who is in a serious need to discover her strengths and beauty. They work their magic on her, and before she knows, she is already a different person. Seeing the transformation in her is inspiring, and makes us wonder how it has changed her life. What is Lilly Yi upto now? Let’s find out.

Who is Lilly Yi?

Before the Fab Five found her, Lilly Yi had just completed her residency and was ready to take a new job at her dream medical practice. She has worked hard all her life, and has tried to live up to the perfect standards set by society for a working woman. She is a first generation Korean-American, who is the first in her family to graduate from college. She is great at her job, but felt left-out and absent when it came to spending time with her then 3-year-old daughter, Annabelle.


Her husband, Jon, is a full-time stay-at-home dad who has supported Lilly all the way, but feels that she should think and feel better about herself, as she deserves. He appreciates her hard work and doesn’t want her to feel bad about spending most of her time on the job. To help her get that confidence and make her feel good, he reached out to ‘Queer Eye’ to get help from the Fab Five.

When they arrived at her doorstep, they instantly knew how brilliant and admirable Lilly is. They help her find a look that defines her, show her the ways in which she can spend more quality-time with her daughter without feeling bad about it, give a makeover to her new house, and bring out the spark of confidence that she always had but never acknowledged.

Where is Lilly Yi now?

At the end of her journey with the Fab Five, we witness an incredible transformation in Lilly. She feels more confident in her skin, and is ready not to let the guilt and traditional expectations weigh her down. From her wardrobe and skin-care regime to being better at taking compliments, Lilly has found both her inner and outer voice. She has stuck to the lessons she learnt in her ‘Queer Eye’ journey, and is deftly balancing her personal and professional life, without feeling inadequate or guilty about any of it. She excels at her job in Reading Paediatrics, where she takes care of her patients and is a part of a great team.

The new work schedule has also allowed her more quality time with her daughters, Annabelle and Yerin. In the time of Covid quarantine, she is making up for lost time and creating beautiful memories with her family.

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