Are Lisa and Brian From The Ultimatum Still Together?

If there’s one thing that Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On‘ makes clear, it’s that relationships are hard work no matter the individuals involved due to the efforts required at every step. After all, while mutual attraction and aligning values are essential, no couple can ever be happy without proper communication as well as a willingness to compromise for their future security. The prime example of this is actually the connection between Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye in season 2 — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got the core details for you.

Lisa and Brian’s The Ultimatum Journey

Although Lisa and Brian started off as friends, things between them have admittedly always been a little rocky owing to their strong personalities as well as unwavering beliefs. In fact, it turns out this is not the first time the former has actually issued an ultimatum to the latter — since they started by casually hooking up, she told him six months later that they’d either be exclusive from there on out or part ways. Obviously, he chose love over friendship since he believes she pushes him to be the best version of himself, plus he genuinely appreciates her daughter from a previous union.

However, because Brian is three years younger than Lisa, he made it clear he was not ready to settle down just yet as he wasn’t in the financial position he wished to be while married. But Lisa counteracted this by stating it’s okay because she’s already making six figures and can cover for things until he reaches his goal; plus, she wants a ring on her finger before starting a family, and there’s a biological clock running. Though it turns out trust is also a major issue for them, which became evident in both episodes 1 as well as 2 when Lisa grew overwhelmed upon watching her beau bond with Jeriah “Riah” Nyree.

The truth is Brian wasn’t doing anything out of bounds; he was merely talking to Riah as the show’s process requires him to in the week before he has to pick a partner for a trial marriage. But this hurt Lisa more than she could’ve ever imagined, and she completely lost her cool — she walked out, shouted at him, and just found herself breaking apart before indicating she regretted bringing him to this experiment. Nevertheless, not once during this did Brian raise his voice at her; he was assertive, he got his point across, and he did his best to make her see her fault in this drama, yet to seemingly no avail.

Then things suddenly changed; instead of walking out of this experiment alone like she implied she wanted to, she left hand in hand with Brian upon realizing she was pregnant with his child. She’d taken a test during filming, and it came out positive — Brian was over the moon upon hearing this news as he’d always wanted a legacy in this world in the form of children, yet he maintained his views on marriage so soon hadn’t changed. Therefore, the couple understood they needed to talk through a lot of things in private over the ensuing months and decided to leave the experiment for good without saying goodbye to anyone else.

Are Lisa and Brian Still Together?

From what we can tell, with Lisa and Brian following one another on social media, despite the fact they don’t seem to have any posts together as of writing, we believe they’re still happily involved. Well, in actuality, since neither of them has any images or videos in their tagged posts either, it’s possible they recently cleaned everything up in order to be spoiler-free until all episodes of ‘The Ultimatum’ dropped on August 30, 2023.

That’s because this Business Executive and Spiral World marketing agency founder happily welcomed a baby boy into this world earlier this year while sticking together in every sense. They admittedly still have their fair share of issues, yet they’re actively working on resolving them so as to not only be the best possible parents but also be really good to one another, especially as they do hope to marry one day. Lisa and Brian are not engaged as of writing as the latter still believes the timing isn’t right, but he has conceded they’re certainly a forever thing.

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