“Little Willie” Edwards From Swamp People is a Happily Married Man

‘Swamp People’ is History Channel’s fascinating reality series that follows independent groups of hunters as they attempt to preserve their way of life in Louisiana’s swamp region, particularly in the Atchafalaya Basin. Amongst the fierce gator hunters, we have “Little Willie” Edwards, who won over millions of hearts with his fun-filled goofy nature and iron-willed determination in gator hunting during the alligator-hunting season. After his appearance in season 11 of the show, fans are curious to know more about the young handsome gator hunter.

“Little Willie” Edwards’ Learned Hunting at a Young Age

Originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana, William IV Edwards, AKA Little Willie, is the oldest son of William Willie Edwards from season 1 of ‘Swamp People’ and Sherrie Edwards. Since a very young age, his father, Willie, has taught Little Willie and his brother, Langdon, the art of hunting, especially gator hunting. The two men also have an older sister named Michaela Deshaye. The 20-year-old is in line to be the captain of the Edwards family in terms of gator hunting.

His father has taught him everything he needs to know about gator hunting. Though Little Willie might look clumsy, he is a truly dedicated young man who mastered the art of the gator catch. He is one of the youngest gator hunters on ‘Swamp People,’ who is getting better with each passing season. In 2019, Little Willie graduated from Plaquemine Senior High School with honors.

“Little Willie” Edwards’ Profession

Little Willie is following in his father’s footsteps in becoming a gator hunter. With over three years of professional gator hunting experience, he has taken over significant responsibilities, which are not “little” by a long shot. The young man fiercely jumps in the face of danger to tame and hunt gators during the most challenging season of gator hunting.

Apart from gator hunting, Little Willie also hunts bucks, deer, squirrels, and much more. His catch also includes local crawfish, which he sells in bulk. Though Little Willie’s Facebook bio says “works at Krusty Crab” as the Head Chef, we would like to make it very clear to our readers that Krusty Crabs is not a real place. It’s a fictional restaurant in the show ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ and the reality TV personality is just goofy.

“Little Willie” Edwards’ Life With Wife Victoria

Despite being quite young, Little Willie has found the girl of his dreams and is happily married to her. He tied the knot with the love of his life, Victoria, in March 2022. Their friends and family celebrated their adorable union in a wonderful ceremony. Little Willie and Victoria do not have children yet, but the pair seems madly in love as they frequently express their affection for each other on their respective social media accounts. We are happy to see Little Willie prospering in life with a great career in gator hunting and a beautiful life partner, and we wish nothing but the best for the couple.

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