Pickle Wheat From Swamp People: Everything We Know

History Channel’s ‘Swamp People‘ is a reality series that follows various gator hunters and their activities in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin and other swamplands in Louisiana (and Texas) during “alligator season” in Louisiana, usually lasting 30 days. It is the time when alligator hunters gear up to kickstart their highly dangerous vocation based on an age-old custom of their community.

Every season focuses on different teams of alligator hunters. Season 12 introduced Cheyenne Nicole Wheat, AKA Pickle Wheat, who soon became a fan favorite. With prior experience in gator hunting, Pickle Wheat quickly won over fans’ hearts with her excellent hunting skills and enthusiastic nature. Fans are curious to know more about Cheyenne’s personal life, and we’ve got all the answers you seek.

Pickle Wheat’s Age, Family, and Background

Hailing from Poydras, Louisiana, Cheyenne Wheat is a 27-year-old gator hunter born to Eddie Wheat and Missie Wheat. She comes from a loving family who has their roots deep in the gator-hunting business. She was introduced to the art of gator hunting by her grandfather and spent her childhood acing the art. Interestingly, her grandfather was one of the original gator hunters in St. Bernard Parish.

Talking about her grandfather, she once wrote, “He had a unique style of shooting that managed to keep his people safe and fed for many years unnoticed by society growing around them… It’s important to me and my family to continue to share what we’ve learned from our ancestors and to keep following the grain. It keeps us rooted and happy.”

Cheyenne loves to spend time with her family and help out in their business, Wheats and Custom Calls. The gun shop is run by her parents and her brother, James Wheat, where she occasionally helps in making duck and turkey calls. Though on-screen, Cheyenne seems like an outgoing person, full of energy and zeal. However, she is rather private when it comes to her personal life, and details about her education have not been revealed.

Pickle Wheat’s Profession

Cheyenne or Pickle Wheat is popularly known as a gator-hunter, a person who basically captures and kills gators. She has made her life and livelihood around her childhood hobby, which is, hunting. The young woman enjoys hunting alligators that cause havoc in the swamp region of the Atchafalaya River Basin. Her profession has been successfully documented in the show that highlights a typical day in her life during the gator-hunting season.

It is not just gators that Cheyenne excels in hunting; the reality TV star can hunt anything from gators and deer to turkeys and ducks. When not hunting or down at the swamps on the lookout for her next prey, Cheyenne is helping out her family at their gun business, Wheats and Custom Calls.

Pickle Wheat’s Boyfriend

In 2020, Cheyenne Wheat reportedly dated her fellow ‘Swamp People’ cast member Chase Landry with whom she shared many common interests, including hunting and their strong Southern Louisiana roots. However, as we all know, “if it’s meant to be, it’ll be,” and this love story was, unfortunately, not meant to be. Though we are unaware of the reason for their breakup, the event did take place. Cheyenne deleted their pictures from her Instagram account, after which she also deleted her profile. However, not long after they broke up, Cheyenne found her soul mate in Joshua Kippes.

Joshua works as an Emergency Medical Technician and doesn’t come from a family of hunters. However, he supports and is proud of Cheyenne’s efforts and skills as a gator hunter. He was previously married and has at least one child from his previous relationship. Cheyenne shares a close bond with the kid and showers all her love upon her little family. In November 2022, the couple shared exciting news about extending their family and expecting a beautiful daughter, who they are likely to welcome in May 2023.

Sharing her elation with her fans and loved ones, the mother-to-be wrote, “Many of you may already know but if not, here’s some big news!! We have a little lady coming in may!! 🌸🌷Whoever she may be, I hope the world is as kind to her as y’all are to me. Love you guys! 🥒🌾”As of writing, Joshua and Cheyenne are extremely happy and supportive of each other, and we wish their bond grows strong with each passing day.

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