Lloyd vs Walker: Will One of Them Die in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and one particular storyline has fans of the show taking sides between two important characters. In the fourth season, Lloyd and Walker are continually at odds with one another, and their dislike for each other is no secret. However, their conflict has gotten much worse, and fans are worrying about the fates of both characters. Will either Lloyd or Walker end up losing their lives due to the feud between them? If you are worried about the same, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how the conflict between Lloyd and Walker is likely to be resolved. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Will Win Between Lloyd and Walker?

In the third season of ‘Yellowstone,’ barrel racers Mia and Laramie arrive at the bunkhouse after joining as ranch hands. Laramie hooks up with Lloyd, and the two become a pair. Soon, Walker returns to the ranch, and Laramie becomes attracted to Lloyd.

In the fourth episode of season 4, Lloyd’s frustrations with Walker reach a boiling point after he makes fun of the seniormost ranch hand’s leadership skills. Later at the bunkhouse, Lloyd attacks Walker out of frustration, and the two men brawl. Rip is forced to intervene and punishes Lloyd for breaking the no-fighting rule. The situation at the bunkhouse is intense, and Lloyd’s resentment for Walker grows after he spots Walker kissing Laramie outside. Furthermore, everyone else at the bunkhouse is getting along with Walker, which adds to Lloyd’s frustrations.

The sixth episode of the season takes the conflict to a new level when Lloyd smashes Walker’s guitar to pieces in a fit of rage. Lloyd and Walker exchange verbal assaults before Lloyd throws a knife at Walker. A doctor tends to Walker’s wound while Rip calls in John to decide how to deal with the situation. John decides to remove the girls from the bunkhouse and make Lloyd and Walker fight till they get all their hatred out.

The following day, Lloyd and Walker face off in front of the ranch hands and trade blows. After a gruesome fistfight, Walker refuses to fight back and quietly takes the beating from Lloyd. With Lloyd emerging victorious, Rip then beats him to make an example out of his close friend for anyone who breaks the rules. Despite almost killing each other with their bare hands, Lloyd and Walker ultimately come to an understanding. With the girls asked to leave, the conflict between the two men is likely to simmer down. It seems they have learned their lesson and won’t be facing off again. However, that doesn’t mean they will be playing nice with each other just yet.

Anything can happen between now and the end of the season that will put Walker and Lloyd back at odds with one another. There are also various external conflicts that could end up claiming the lives of Lloyd and Walker. Therefore, the best way to end this conflict for real would be for Lloyd or Walker to sacrifice themselves to protect the other through the sense of camaraderie instilled in them by John. Of course, the makers could very well decide to slowly make Lloyd and Walker friends, and they will one day look back at their feud and laugh.

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