Locked In Ending, Explained: Who Tried to Kill Katherine? Why?

Netflix’s British film ‘Locked In’ ends with Nurse Nicky Mackenzie discovering who tried to kill Katherine Carter, who ended up under her care after getting hit by a vehicle. Before Nicky can alert the authorities, Robert Lawrence and Lina Carter take Katherine to the latter’s manor to put an end to the predicament. Lina then learns a startling revelation concerning Katherine’s fate and Robert’s loyalty, which makes her reconsider hurting her mother-in-law. The truth Lina discovers ends up threatening the life of Robert, her secret lover, as she turns against him at the end of the highly engrossing mystery thriller film! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locked In Plot Synopsis

‘Locked In’ begins with Nurse Nicky Mackenzie taking care of Katherine after a near-fatal accident. Nicky utters several alphabets in no order for Katherine to respond to the same. The nurse learns that the Hollywood star is trying to convey the word “murder” by blinking her left eye. A short period earlier, at the start of Katherine’s recovery under the watch of Nicky, the nurse forms a friendship with her patient’s widowed daughter-in-law Lina. The latter narrates her history with Katherine and her son Jamie to the healthcare worker. Lina ended up in Katherine’s Rowling Manor after the death of her mother Danielle.

Katherine then became Lina’s local guardian. At the time, the star was dealing with her separation from her husband, the father of her son Jamie. His mother and father’s separation immensely hurt Jamie, who sought consolation from Lina. After losing her mother, Lina wanted to help Katherine and be there for Jamie, who was suffering from frequent seizures and other illnesses. When Jamie became dependent on Lina, they decided to get married. Katherine, however, was threatened by their union. She started to believe that Lina was trying to snatch her fortunes away from her, including her estate.

Lina’s married life with Jamie was filled with misery. Rather than a wife, Lina was just a caretaker for him. He always ignored his wife’s needs and happiness, which left her unsatisfied. That was when Jamie’s doctor Robert became an unignorable presence in her life. Since Jamie and Lina’s wedding night, Robert has started to look after her whenever he happened to see her. Katherine’s hate and Jamie’s ignorance led Lina to accept Robert as her friend but soon their relationship grew unexpectedly. Robert made her realize that she deserved to have “fun,” which made Lina dream of sharing intimacy with him.

It didn’t take long for Lina’s dream to materialize as she ended up having an extramarital affair with Robert. The duo started to meet and sleep together frequently. During the same time, Katherine started to express her hate towards Lina severely, which made her consider running away from her husband and mother-in-law with Robert. But the doctor didn’t want the world to learn about their affair since it would even affect his medical license and practice. He started to believe that he needed to keep Jamie away from the picture, only for him to eventually kill him.

After killing Jamie, Robert started to pressure Lina to sell Rowling Manor so that they could finally run away. Lina decided against selling the manor since she didn’t want Katherine to see her as a manipulative “golddigger.” Robert didn’t accept the same and he even started to threaten Lina by adding that he would incriminate her for killing Jamie if she didn’t follow his instructions and sell the manor.

Locked In Ending: Why Did Robert Try to Kill Katherine?

Robert hit Katherine while Lina was running away from them. She believed that Robert did the deed for the sake of her, especially since her mother-in-law was pointing a gun at her the last time she saw her before her lover’s intervention. That’s the reason why she reunites with him even after seeing him being intimate with her mother-in-law. Lina thinks that Robert tried to kill Katherine because he wants to spend his life with her by eliminating the obstacle on their path. The belief leads her to “abduct” Katherine from the hospital to kill her with the doctor. However, Nicky intervenes with a message that reveals Katherine was trying to save her life.

After Katherine gains consciousness, Nicky talks to her using the alphabet and she must have conveyed that Robert, not Lina, is the one who tried to kill her. Nicky must have also been wondering why the doctor wanted to safeguard Lina all of a sudden, especially after breaking up with her and being intimate with her mother-in-law. As far as Robert is concerned, Katherine killing Lina would only make his life easier since the same will lead to their union without a threat. He would have been able to lay his hands on the Hollywood star’s fortunes without Lina coming their way as well. These thoughts must have helped Nicky to figure out that Robert tried to kill Katherine for not killing Lina.

While Lina was running away from her and Robert, Katherine decided to leave her alone. She didn’t want to kill the woman who had suffered immensely, by taking care of Jamie, for the sake of her. It was Lina’s sacrifice that helped Katherine to build her career and increase her fortunes. Her presence in Katherine’s household enabled the latter to not limit herself to the same. Furthermore, by allowing Lina to live, Katherine might have been trying to make amends with the former’s late mother Danielle, who died believing that the actress abandoned her after garnering fame and money.

Katherine’s decision infuriated Robert, who didn’t want Lina to be alive as a threat to him. He might have been worried about her going to the authorities to expose him as Jamie’s killer. Robert might have also feared Lina revealing his betrayal to Katherine, which would convince the actress to banish him from the grounds of Rowling Manor. After dreaming of becoming the man of the place, Robert didn’t want to lose the same, which led him to try to kill Lina. Katherine then tried to stop him by shooting at his car. Katherine’s actions provoked Robert since the former was making all the decisions.

The provoked Robert then tried to kill Katherine. He must have realized that Katherine is of no use to him if Lina is out there alive to destroy him. The doctor must have seen killing her as a way to win Lina back, which he nearly succeeded in doing.

Will Lina Get Caught for Killing Robert?

After learning that Katherine was trying to protect her, Lina turns against Robert. She realizes that Robert has been lying to her from the start and he hasn’t stopped doing so even after trying to kill Katherine. Lina must have understood that Robert may even try to kill her after getting what he has been craving: Katherine’s assets. Thus, she kills him and protects her mother-in-law. Nicky and authorities soon arrive at the manor to begin the investigation. Lina, Nicky, and Katherine await the proceedings with the former anxiously wondering what to tell the officials about Robert’s death.

Lina may succeed in avoiding the arrest by explaining that she killed Robert in self-defense. She must be able to convince the officials that Robert wanted to kill Katherine and that she was only trying to protect her mother-in-law. Since the police are expected to garner the syringe Robert was holding to kill Katherine, which contains his fingerprints prominently, the officers may believe her account. Nicky may intervene with Jamie’s medical reports, which reveal that Robert had been over-prescribing medicines to his patient, which will add credibility to Lina’s words. If that’s not the case, Lina may accept her arrest for killing Robert and helping the latter murder her husband Jamie.

Ever since Jamie’s death, Lina has been immersed in severe guilt. Even though she is not the one who killed him, she knows that her silence enabled Robert to commit the murder. The realization that Katherine had to nearly die because of her may only increase Lina’s guilt. She may choose to suffer in prison to attain redemption rather than stay in the manor after killing Jamie and nearly killing Katherine indirectly.

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