Logan Sandoval: Where is Barbecue Showdown Season 2 Runner-up Now?

Barbecue lovers worldwide simply cannot get enough of Netflix’s ‘Barbecue Showdown,’ AKA ‘The American Barbecue Showdown.’ The cooking series has become beloved by many thanks to its talented cast and accomplished judges who successfully elevate this specialized type of cooking without disconnecting from the basics. The recently released second season of the show saw several appreciable cooks, including Logan Sandoval, who missed out on being the winner by just a  narrow margin. This has led people to wonder where the reality TV contestant is these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Logan Sandoval’s Barbecue Showdown Journey

Having studied culinary arts formally before entering the show, Logan was determined to showcase his skills and represent his Southern and Asian roots. He started strong in the competition by bagging second position in the first challenge, with Eduardo Gonzalez being declared the best cook for the day. The same thing happened in the second round of the show when the contestants were asked to create a spicy yet delicious meal. Logan came second to Thyron “Big T” Mathews for this particular challenge.

However, the third round spelled trouble for Logan, and his dish for the Surf and Turf challenge did not meet the marking, landing him in the bottom two with Joey Victorian. Things were not yet over for the two, and they had to face each other in a barbecue cook-off to prepare a breakfast meal. Thanks to his creative vision and skills, Logan did not just beat his opponent but claimed the first position in the next challenge.

With only four contestants remaining, Logan maintained his excellent performance and ensured he was not in the bottom two for the fifth round. In the sixth challenge, he was partnered with Thyron, and the two won the day thanks to their hard work and team spirit. Soon enough, Logan was facing his once teammate in the season finale and partnered with Michelle Lundstorm for his final meal in the show. Though his roasted pig was undoubtedly delicious, it, unfortunately, was not enough to win him victory over Thyron.

Logan Sandoval is Thriving as a Cook Today

As of writing, Logan seems to be thriving in his career as a Cook. The culinary expert is the proud owner of Zef BBQ, a barbecue-eating joint in Simi Valley, California. It was established by Logan and two others, including his wife, Anna Lindsey. While the establishment has a new weekly menu, posted every Tuesday, it only offers pick-up services. The food prepared by Logan has been appreciated by many and even earned praise from Eater in January 2021.

As for his personal life, Logan is happily married to Anna Lindsey and has two children. Their eldest is a daughter named Nalani, and they also dote upon their son Kai. The happy family of four certainly enjoys spending time together, and it is easy to see how much Logan loves those dear to him. Besides, the Netflix star likes to travel and has explored Asia well. We wish him the best and hope that he and his loved ones find immense joy in the future.

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