London Kills Renewed For Season 5 at Acorn TV

Acorn TV has renewed the police procedural series ‘London Kills‘ for season 5. The filming of the installment is slated to start in London, England, on an undisclosed date. Paul Marquess, who created the show, continues to lead the writers’ room.

In the fourth season of the show, DC Rob Brady finds himself in a precarious situation when he wakes up in his car next to a deceased witness, leading to his arrest on suspicion of murder. DI David Bradford, eager to clear Rob’s name, interferes with the investigation against DS Vivienne Cole’s advice. The discovery of Major Len Miller’s death implicates his grandson, revealing a dark secret from the major’s past, while David and Vivienne grapple with the repercussions of their indiscretion. The murder of a medical student named Japesh Patel prompts Billie to explore a potential connection to a previous non-fatal attack on a gang member, escalating tensions between David and Vivienne.

As the installment concludes, a delivery driver’s death leads to a complex investigation involving his wife, an alcoholic with a motive but uncertain memories. A boxer confesses to killing her manager, raising suspicions of a cover-up for her father, and when a suspect accuses David of planting evidence, he faces doubts within the team, prompting a pivotal decision about his future.

In season 5, the viewers can anticipate heightened tension and gripping investigations as DI David Bradford makes a decision concerning his future. The team may face internal doubts and external challenges, delving into intricate cases involving mysterious deaths and complex relationships. As David grapples with the repercussions of his actions, the dynamics within the elite murder investigation unit will likely be put to the test. The upcoming installment’s narrative may depict the team confronting personal and professional dilemmas in their pursuit of justice.

Although the cast of the upcoming season is yet to be announced, we can expect the return of Hugo Speer as Detective Inspector David Bradford, Sharon Small as Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole, Bailey Patrick as Detective Constable Rob Brady, and Tori Allen-Martin as Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald. The returnees may also include Laila Rouass as DI Yasmin Rafiq, Chanel Waddock as Saskia Dunleavy, etc.

London, the principal location of the upcoming season of the show, previously hosted the shooting of recently-released productions such as Apple TV+’s war series ‘Masters of the Air‘ and Matthew Vaughn’s spy comedy ‘Argylle.’

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