Lorenzo Marfíl From Insiders: Everything We Know

As a reality series that is as convoluted as it is entertaining, ‘Insiders’ revolves around a group of individuals from every walk of life as they partake in a competition unlike any other. After all, while they think they’re stepping into a ‘Big Brother’-style setting to commence the final “casting” phase for an “upcoming production,” the truth is that it’d already begun. The secret cameras give way to twisted mind games, manipulation, conflicts, and ugly truths — at the center of which throughout season 2 was Lorenzo Marfíl. So if you wish to learn more about him, here are the details.

Lorenzo Marfíl’s Age and Background

Lorenzo Marfíl is an absolute extrovert who never shies away from speaking his mind or sharing his experiences, yet the one thing he has chosen to keep away from the limelight is his family. Therefore, all we know is that the 34-year-old is from Ciudad Real, a beautiful city just south of Madrid in central Spain, where his life has admittedly not always been sunshine and roses. He actually admitted in the Netflix original that he was once a bully owing to “a lot of sh*t inside,” making it almost expected for him “to go from victim to executioner” at the mere snap of a finger but not anymore.

Lorenzo has since done the work to improve his behavior, all the while managing to maintain his confidence as well as his flamboyant flair, which genuinely makes him who he is. “I’m happy,” he stated in the series. “I’m vivacious. I’m a complex person. Like all self-centered people, I think what I say is more important than what others have to say. I’m a narcissist. That’s obvious. I love myself very much.” And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with self-love as long as it doesn’t harm others, but it’s an aspect his journey on ‘Insiders’ suggests he’s still learning.

Lorenzo Marfíl’s Profession

Although we don’t have much information concerning Lorenzo’s educational qualifications or career history, we know he currently serves as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. The artist is actually exceptionally talented, as evidenced by the portrait sketches he often shares on Instagram. Thus, it’s no surprise that he even holds Art Direction classes at the local Casa del Cine Specialty School. As if that’s not enough, one of Lorenzo’s most significant achievements is that he recently helmed the entire creative department for a short film entitled ‘Nativitas.’

Lorenzo Marfíl’s Boyfriend

Loud and proud about nearly every aspect of his life (as he should be), we can positively report that Lorenzo Marfíl is currently in a happy, healthy, and long-term relationship with David Herráez. “Four years have passed since I laid my eyes on the most beautiful pony of all… my love, my titan, my churri,” the now-reality star penned around Valentine’s Day 2022 for his partner.

“I know you [my followers] envy me, but don’t worry, love is just around the corner, and it tastes like peanuts!!!,” Lorenzo added before including hashtags such as “#gaylove,” “#gaybeard,” “#powercouple,” and “#alientoderamen.” We should mention that even though David is not active on Instagram, his display picture is a sketch of him that his boyfriend carefully designed.

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