Love is Blind Season 2: Where is the Cast Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a reality dating show with a unique premise. It welcomes several young men and women so that they may get to know their prospective partners and hopefully find love. Initially, the participants go on speed-dating rounds with their potential matches, followed by longer dates with people they feel most connected with. The dates take place in specially built pods that do not allow contestants to see the person they are talking with.

Only after a marriage proposal is extended and accepted by a pair are they allowed to see each other and start preparing for their upcoming nuptials. However, not all engaged couples get married, and not all married couples stay that way for long. The show’s second season premiered in early 2022, and fans are curious to know what the unique cast members are up to. Let’s catch up with them, shall we?

Where Are Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones Now?

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones were one of the only two couples who did get end up getting married on ‘Love is Blind’ season 2. The couple tied the knot in June 2021 as a part of the show and seemed to enjoy each other’s company as a married couple. Sadly, in August 2022, Iyanna and Jarrette shared that they had separated and started the divorce proceedings.

The duo does not seem to have any regrets regarding their decision to get married and have split amicably. Iyanna and Jarrette seem to be taking advantage of their impressive social media followings to promote different businesses for their marketing needs as influencers. The former is now affiliated with Socialyte, and Jarrette has partnered with WHE Agency.

Where Are Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Now?

The second couple to walk the aisle in ‘Love is Blind’ season 2 was Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, who also got married on the show. Sadly, they have seemingly parted ways as well. Danielle filed for divorce from Nick on August 17, 2022, shortly after the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary in June of the same year and were quite open about their plans.

Currently, Danielle seems to be focused on herself and enjoys the company of friends. She is making impressive strides as a social media influencer managed by Socialyte. In the meantime, Nick is proudly running his podcast series ‘Conversations with Nick Thompson,’ through which the reality TV star hopes to remove social stigmas. Moreover, he is the proud parent of an adorable dog named Greyson.

Where Are Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen Now?

Natalie Lee was engaged to Shayne Jansen during ‘Love is Blind’ season 2; still, she ultimately decided not to go forward with the wedding. The couple seems to be in an on-and-off relationship, much to the latter’s frustration. Shayne claimed they got back together four times, whereas Natalie claimed it was two.

As of writing, Natalie has closed to door for any potential patch-ups between the two. In the ‘After the Altar’ episodes, she stated that it was due to Shayne’s apparent tendency to lie and her inability to trust him. Presently, Shayne is working as a realtor with Broker Associate, and Natalie is a Consulting Manager at EY.

Where Are Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee And Deepti Vempati Now?

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati were another pair who decided not to get married in the second season. After the show, both Shake and Deepti seem to have made considerable strides in their personal and professional lives. The former has left his career as a veterinarian behind and has dived into the world of cryptocurrency. He is affiliated with Your Digital Pet, which allows people to convert their pets into an NFT. Shake is also in a happy relationship with Emily Wilson, with whom he hosts the ‘Life Is Blurry Podcast.’

Due to his career and personal choices, the former veterinarian often commutes between Chicago and Miami. On the other hand, Deepti is working as an Information Technology Analyst at Allstate; on September 19, 2022, the reality TV star published a book detailing her reality TV experience. While her relationship with Shake did not pan out, Deepti has found love with Kyle Abrams, another one of her potential partners from the show. The two became good friends during their time on the show, which has blossomed into a happy relationship.

Where Are Salvador Perez And Mallory Zapata Now?

Salvador “Sal” Perez did not tie the knot with Mallory Zapata on the show, yet he seems to have found love in the real world. He ended up meeting Jessi at his sister Victoria’s birthday party. During his appearance in the ‘After The Altar’ episodes of season 2, Sal could not stop gushing about his girlfriend, whom he introduced to his castmates. Presently, he is working as a Recruiting Coordinator at Pinterest.

Furthermore, Mallory is working as a Communications Manager with After School Matters. Though she was pretty heartbroken over not getting married to Sal, she has moved on gracefully and is enjoying life as a single woman, along with her dog, Rosie.

Where Are Shaina Hurley And Kyle Abrams Now?

While Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams did not marry each other, they have supposedly moved on with their lives. As of writing, Shaina is quite happy in an engaged relationship with Christos Lardakis. As it turns out, Shaina had dated Christos in the past, and the two split apart due to apparent commitment issues from the latter’s side. Luckily, after Shaina’s time on the Netflix show, the two reconnected and started to date again. The reality TV star is presently working as a freelance hairstylist in Chicago.

On the other hand, Kyle Abrams is in a relationship with Deepti Vempati and has gone on record to express that he regrets not proposing to her on the show. Nonetheless, he is glad the two reconnected after the show and forged a good friendship which led to their relationship. Kyle is making good use of his social media following and has an excellent standing on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, OnlyFans, etc.

Where Are Caitlin McKee And James “Joey” Miller Now?

The engagement journey of Caitlin McKee and James “Joey” Miller wasn’t elaborately documented in ‘Love is Blind’ season 2, yet the two thought they had found their true love on the show. Unfortunately, the duo split on the wedding day and are now just good friends. Caitlin and Joey value each other’s friendship and are pretty happy with the genuine connection they were able to foster. They took their own vacation when the other couples were on vacation in Mexico. Presently, Joey is the Vice President and PFM Group Executive Office at Goldman Sachs.

Where Are Jason Beaumont And Kara Williams Now?

The Netflix show did not depict Jason Beaumont and Kara Williams’ betrothal journey well. Albeit, the pair decided to split and go their separate ways. Presently Jason works as a Flight Attendant with United Airlines and recently celebrated his 32nd birthday in September 2022. Moreover, Kara seems to be making impressive strides in the financial industry. Despite their lack of presence during ‘Love is Blind’ season 2, the couple’s relationship was quite close though it did not work out as well as they might have hoped for.

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