Love Is in the Air Ending: Do Dana and William End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is in the Air’ is a romantic comedy that follows the story of two people who are brought together in extenuating circumstances. Dana is trying to preserve her mother’s legacy by using Fullerton Airlines, the venture she started, for the good of the community. She is not too bothered with making profits as long as they are making enough to get by and stay in business so that they can help other people. William’s father, however, disagrees with this.

William is sent to Australia to shut down Fullerton Airlines, salvage whatever he can, and come back home to London to get a new, better position at the company. However, things change once William meets Dana. If you are wondering what happens between and how it impacts the future of Fullerton Airlines, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what happens at the end of ‘Love is in the Air.’ SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Dana and William End Up Together?

When Dana discovers someone is coming from London to audit their records, she is immediately suspicious of them. She sees William as an outsider who knows nothing about her family, their business, or their community and is here to judge them. She disapproves of William and his company’s capitalist idea, where they see everything in the margins of profit and loss.

When William starts looking into their accounts and asks questions about why they spend their time doing deliveries at the island when they could give more hours to their service as a charter plane to make a profit, Dana scoffs at his inquisition and just wants him to get it over with and leave as soon as possible. To counter his point of why they don’t focus on making money, she emphasizes that their business has always been about community and will continue to be so.

As good as it is to hear that Dana and his family are focused on helping people, William can’t help but feel bad for them. He winces every time Dana talks about how the airlines have been used to help people over the years, especially when she reveals that they are the only connection that one of the nearby islands has with the mainland. Without Fullerton Airlines, the islanders wouldn’t get their daily mail and other stuff. William is moved by this venture, realizing there is more to Fullerton than just some numbers on paper.

The more time William spends with Dana, the more conflicted he becomes about his original purpose behind coming there. He can’t bring himself to tell her he is there to shut them down. But as he is hounded by his father to get it over with and return to London, he feels cornered to find a quick and surefire way to save Fullerton from the imminent doom he set in motion. Meanwhile, he also falls in love with Dana.

Back in London, William had been caught up in wanting to make his father proud. His father built the company from scratch, and William wanted to follow in his footsteps as he thought it would bring them closer while also getting his father’s approval. But when he comes to Australia, he realizes there is more to life than numbers and money. There are more important things, which include his dreams and what he wants to do with his life rather than what his father wants from him.

In the few days he spends with Dana, especially flying around with her and seeing firsthand how Fullerton Airlines becomes the lifeline of the local community in times of distress, he realizes that there is a way to have a job and use it to help people. It doesn’t just have to be about making profits. This ideology draws him towards Dana, and they fall in love. But then, the truth about William’s visit comes to light, and a hurricane destroys whatever remains at Fullerton Airlines. They are beyond saving now, and though William pleads with his father not to go forward with it, the finances are cut off, and the airline is shut down, effective immediately. William is called back to London, seemingly ending his and Dana’s love story.

Just when it looks like they have lost everything, Dana comes up with the idea that might save the airlines. She goes to London and barges into the board meeting, presenting William’s father with an offer he cannot refuse. Instead of shutting down the airlines, she wants them to invest more into it, and she promises to yield profits within two years. At first, William’s father is not convinced, but then William steps up. He reveals his desire to work with Dana and help revive Fullerton Airlines.

He makes a case about how this will help him grow and do what he wants rather than succumbing to what his father is thrusting upon him. In the end, William’s father agrees to revive Fullerton. William and Dana are reunited, and he leaves with her for Australia, where they work together to make Fullerton Airlines the success she promised. In the end, we see them working together, which confirms that they have received their happily ever after.

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