Love Is in the Air: All Filming Sites of the Netflix Movie

With Adrian Powers as the helmsman, Netflix’s ‘Love Is in the Air’ is an Australian romantic comedy movie starring Delta Goodrem as Dana Randall, a committed and competent seaplane pilot who works for Fullerton Airways, a non-profit air service. She works alongside her father Jeff and mechanic best friend Nikki to provide much-needed air services to the local island communities. With the company due for an inspection, the London-based ITCM Financial representative William lands on the island in order to review the financials of the non-profit organization.

Since Dana and her air services rely heavily on William’s company’s subsidies, she welcomes him without knowing the fact that he has been sent there to confirm Fullerton Airways’ financial struggles and to finalize its closure. However, things begin to change as William’s loyalty gets tested after he gets close to Dana and the island community. Although Dana also reciprocates his feelings for her, things get complicated when she finds out his true purpose of visit.

Besides Goodrem, the romantic drama film features several other cast members, including Joshua Sasse, Roy Billing, Steph Tisdell, Simon Brook McLachlan, and Daniela Pizzirani. Given the picturesque scenes of Far North Queensland, which is where the story unfolds, the viewers are likely to pose the question — where was ‘Love Is in the Air’ filmed?

Love Is in the Air Filming Locations

‘Love Is in the Air’ was filmed in its entirety in Australia, primarily in Queensland. According to reports, principal photography for the rom-com film got underway in February 2023 and continued for three intense weeks, before wrapping up in early March of the same year. Before the production, the director and his team put their efforts into several months of preparation and location scouting, as Adrian Powers thanked everyone involved with the project on social media. Now, without wasting any time, let’s navigate all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix movie!

Queensland, Australia

The shooting for a major chunk of ‘Love Is in the Air’ took place in Queensland, an Australian state located in the northeastern region of the country. In mainland Queensland, the resort town of Airlie Beach served as the primary production location for the romantic film as the production team set up camp in various spots across the town for shooting purposes. The town is home to two marinas — Abel Point Marina and Port of Airlie Marina — both of which might feature in the backdrop of a few scenes.

Most of the airport scenes, including the hangar portions where Dana’s seaplane is parked, were taped in Whitsunday Airport (Shute Harbour) – Airlie Beach at 12 Air Whitsunday Road in Flame Tree, which is situated just minutes from the heart of Airlie Beach. Being Airlie Beach’s local airport, Whitsunday Airport (Shute Harbour) incorporates a 1,410-meter asphalt runway and ample parking space for visiting aircraft. The filming unit also traveled off the central coast of Queensland to the Whitsunday Islands, a group of 74 continental islands of different sizes centered on Whitsunday Island.

From the looks of it, the island group makes an appearance in ‘Love Is in the Air’ mostly from the top view with Dana and William flying over the Whitsundays in some scenes. During the production process, Queensland experienced a significant boom in the local economy with reports suggesting that the film generated about $2.25 million extra for the area while creating over 70 jobs for cast and crew locally. Apart from ‘Love Is in the Air,’ Queensland has hosted the production of a number of film and TV projects, such as ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ ‘Fool’s Gold,’ and ‘When Love Springs.’

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