Love Never Lies Destination Sardinia: Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia,’ AKA ‘Amor con Fianza: Destino Cerdena,’ is a Spanish reality series that puts the trust and love between couples to the test. While on the show, the participating couples are separated into two different locations. For one half of the season, one person from each pair has to live in the same place as some highly attractive bachelors while their partners are shown clips of what they are up to, which might lead to some heartbreaking assumptions. For the second half, the roles are switched, and the same process starts again.

If you think the participants might be able to avoid conflict by lying, think again. The show also uses a lie detection test called “eye detect” to get answers to some highly troubling questions. The recent release of the dating show‘s first season, set in Sardinia, Italy, introduced viewers to some exciting couples. Naturally, fans are eager to know what reality TV stars are up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Where Are Lucía and Antonio Now?

Starting off with the season winners, we have Lucía and Antonio José. The couple had their fair share of ups and down on the show, and there were points where their staying together did not seem possible. However, the two emerged from this experience stronger than ever before and even claimed the prize money of 62,000 euros, given their honesty on the show. While they do not seem part of their partners’ social media feeds, Lucía and Antonio follow each other.

The winning couple also seems to have fostered good relationships with other cast members. Presently, Lucía works within the nursing industry as an LCB-Advanced Practice Clinician and lives in Conil de la Frontera, Spain. On the other hand, Antonio is a Forensic Assitant who works within the medical industry and is based in Badajoz, Spain. The couple’s bond and honesty have helped them gain much popularity.

Where Are Vicky and Inma Now?

If there was one couple whose relationship status always seemed to be in jeopardy, it was Vicky Faucheux and Inma Fajardo. Their journey from start to finish was full of unexpected revelations and jaw-dropping twists. However, they beat all the odds and decided to stay by each other’s side. In fact, the show’s finale allowed the viewers to see Inma get down on one knee and propose to her girlfriend.

As of writing, we believe that the two reality TV stars are preparing for their wedding. The duo prefers to keep the details of their personal lives private. They do seem to be on friendly terms with several people with whom they shared a house while on the show. Inma especially formed a strong bond with Sara as the duo lived together, and the two appeared on each other’s Instagram.

Where Are Miguel and Alejandro Now?

Like most couples on the show, Miguel and Alejandro had a rough time while on the Netflix show. Both of them were surprised by the actions of their partners, and trust was hard to maintain. However, they persevered and completed the journey with each other. As of writing, the two are still in a relationship and seem pretty happy about the same. They appreciated their time on the show, which helped them mature as a couple.

They are also on friendly terms with other cast members and can be seen complimenting them on social media. Presently, the duo lives in Madrid, the capital of Spain. For Alejandro, appearing on the reality series was not just about his relationship but also his perception in the eyes of others. The reality TV star had not come out to people in his hometown before coming on the reality series and confessed that most of them would learn about the same due to the show.

Where Are Asier and Irene Now?

Compared to almost every other couple on the show, Asier Sarmiento and Irene Gomu’s journey was not exactly an emotional roller coaster, though they did have their fair share of issues. The show helped them learn more about being honest and emotionally available. From what the two have shared on the Netflix series, the couple likely may be in an open relationship, though the exact details of the same have been kept under wraps.

Presently, Asier and Irene live in Madrid, Spain, and seem pretty happy. Irene works within the Creative Marketing industry and is also a professional in Comprehensive Design and Fashion. Additionally, she has an impressive social media following, and the reality TV star often partners with different brands to promote their business and products. Both are on good terms with their fellow cast members thanks to the bonds they developed on the show.

Where Are María and Javier Now?

While for some couples, ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia’ was the medium to a stronger connection, María Gregorio and Javier “Javi” Roca Albero, unfortunately, cannot say the same. The pair’s first few moments on the show were far from positive and set the tone for their time on the show. Towards the end, Javier decided they should break up, given how much emotional turmoil they had gone through. Though initially devastated by the prospect, María ultimately agreed to the idea.

We do not believe that María and Javier have gotten back together, though they still have pictures of each other on Instagram and follow each other. However, the latter might be more due to them being on amicable terms rather than bitter ones. Presently, María seems to be pursuing her higher education and has been quite open about her time on the show.

Where Are Sara and Guillem Now?

Sara and Guillem “Guille” Morell’s exit from the show came quite early when the former stated that she needed to talk to her boyfriend and could not handle what she was being shown. After the two met up and the misunderstandings were cleared, Sara and Guillem decided to stay together as a couple. We believe the two are still in a relationship and quite happy with each other. They even take every opportunity possible to compliment each other through social media.

Though Sara and Guillem forfeited the prize money, the duo seem to have fostered genuine connections on the show. Sara especially seems close to Inma Fajardo, and the two ladies often feature in each other’s social media. At present, Sara lives in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile, Guillem works as a photographer and often shares some stunning photographs on Instagram. Recently, Guillem launched his Twitch channel though he has only streamed in the Just Chatting category as of writing.

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