Luka Brunton From Below Deck Med: All We Know About the Star.

Image Credit: Luka Brunton/Instagram

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ offers a behind-the-scenes look at the luxury yacht industry in the Mediterranean. In the world of this reality TV show, crew members navigate not only the high seas but also the high-stakes demands of their charter guests. Amidst this thrilling show, a new crew member has made waves – Luka Brunton. As the Lead Deckhand on ‘Below Deck Med’ season 8, Luka brings a unique blend of experience, charisma, and even some surprising connections to the series. Fascinated by his journey, we were curious about his life and so we dug around. Here is everything we found.

Luka Brunton Connected With the Ocean at a Young Age

Luka Brunton, a native of the picturesque town of Raglan, New Zealand, is the latest addition to the ‘Below Deck Med’ crew. Born on October 31, Luka’s early life was marked by a significant event: his father’s departure when he was just one year old. Raised by his mother, Luka’s family dynamic underwent a transformation when his mother met his stepfather, becoming an integral part of his blended family. Today, his stepdad holds a special place in Luka’s heart, and he values the bonds he shares with his two half-siblings.

Growing up in Raglan, Luka’s love for the sea and adventure began to take root. He developed a deep connection with the ocean and embraced the thrill of activities like surfing, snowboarding, and skydiving. His bond with his siblings, particularly his brother, with whom he shares a love for surfing, highlights the importance of family in his life. In 2019, visited 12 countries in 18 days, including the famous Morskie Oko in Poland, Spain, Costa Rica, Bali, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Luka Brunton’s Professional Life is Full of Adventure

Luka Brunton’s professional journey is a tale of adventure on both land and sea. For seven years, he has been a part of the yachting industry, and his reputation precedes him. Luka’s introduction to the world of ‘Below Deck Down Under‘ season 2 was as a replacement for Adam Kodra, and he stepped into the role of Lead Deckhand with precision and skill.

Captain Jason Chambers recognized the need for experience on the deck team, leading to the decision to bring in Luka as the new Lead Deckhand. With a wealth of yachting experience under his belt, Luka was a natural choice for the role. When Luka isn’t hard at work on a yacht, he embraces his adventurous side with activities such as snowboarding, skydiving, surfing, and even dirt biking. In 2023, he also participated in season 8 of ‘Below Deck Med.’

Intriguingly, Luka revealed that he received hydrofoil lessons from Bosun Luke Jones, who was previously fired from ‘Below Deck Down Under’ season 2 for an incident that many viewers considered inappropriate. He is also the co-owner of a company called Wave Shark, Dubai.

Luka Brunton’s Former Relationships and Dating Rumors

Luka Brunton’s dating life adds another layer of intrigue to his persona. Although viewers may know him as the Lead Deckhand, his connections within the ‘Below Deck Down Under’ family run deeper than expected. One of the most surprising revelations is Luka’s close relationship with Chief Stew Aesha Scott. Aesha and her sister embarked on a journey to France when she first entered the yachting world, and it was during this time that Aesha and Luka became friends. Their bond has grown strong over the years, with Luka considering Aesha as family.

However, the connection goes beyond friendship; Luka had a fling with Aesha’s sister seven years ago, a fact that adds an unexpected twist to their relationship. Aesha wasn’t the only one impressed by Luka’s charm. Junior stew Margot Sisson couldn’t help but comment on his appearance, referring to him as beautiful and being particularly taken aback by his strikingly long eyelashes. In an interview, Luka did end up revealing that he had relations with Margot.

Luka Brunton’s Girlfriend is a Fashion Model

Luka Brunton has been in a committed relationship with Lorena Peach since early 2020. Lorena, a fashion model and an explicit content creator on OnlyFans, shares her adventures with Luka through various social media platforms. They often share glimpses of their luxurious life in Bali, Indonesia, filled with sunshine, play, and pampering.

From his early life in Raglan, New Zealand, to his adventurous career in the yachting industry, Luka’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. In season 8 of ‘Below Deck Med,’ the audience gets a glimpse into more of Luka Brunton’s epic adventures, both on the high seas and in his personal life. With a captivating personality and a penchant for the extraordinary, Luka has firmly established himself as a memorable member of the ‘Below Deck Med’ family. We await his next adventure and wish him luck for his future projects!

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