Luke Joseph Olsen From Alone: Everything We Know

Image Credits: Delia Gaia Devi/ Instagram

Defeating the unfavorable odds, History Channel’s ‘Alone’ follows ten contestants competing in a battle of wills to win the cash prize of $500,000. Following its premiere in 2015, the reality television show has continued to raise the stakes. Like its predecessors, season 10 also features the grueling challenges of nature and the spine-chilling fear of predators like bears, wolves, and moose.

Coupled with the harsh climatic conditions of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, participants try to emerge victorious from the ultimate battle on the survival show. Luke Joseph Olsen is one of the ten competitors on the show who’s invoked curiosity among fans. So, if you also want to find out more about the contestant, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Luke Joseph Olsen’s Age, Family, and Background

With an enriching childhood centered on developing survival skills, Luke Joseph Olsen was raised to be one with nature. As the 11th child of bestselling author Larry Dean, who wrote, ‘Outdoor Survival Skills,’ Luke had an adventurous childhood. Luke grew up in his family’s hot springs resort in southern Idaho called Miracle Hot Springs. Currently based in Maui, Hawaii, Luke is 39-years-old, and his first expedition can be traced back to his pre-pubescent days.

At age 11, Luke’s elder brothers took him to kayak on the Sea of Cortez. Thanks to his parents, who are the founders of The Anasazi Foundation and wilderness therapy programs, Luke experienced the bliss of nature early on. With an unerring resolve to reflect the fruits of his upbringing, Luke appears on History Channel’s ‘Alone’ to showcase how nature’s unforgiving wrath can also be mended by humans for peaceful co-existence.

Luke Joseph Olsen’s Profession

The contours of Luke Joseph’s being have been shaped by the formative years he spent in the wilderness. However, Luke has also ventured into a number of other fields. In his early twenties, Luke moved to Northern California and established a medical cannabis farm in the depth of the Trinity Alps.

After working on his medical cannabis farm for seven years, Luke kicked things up a notch, moved to Oregon and established a recreational cannabis business and exclusively distributed Willie’s Reserve. Now, his expertise in the field allows him to consult for a number of operations across Oregon and California.

The entrepreneur’s multi-faceted skills do not end here. Luke is also a glass artist and runs his business called Dichroic Images. In addition to depicting different motifs and structures, he also uses his art to connect with people. Luke also works for a home school enrichment program by teaching ancestral skills at Pono Outdoor.

In addition to being an educator and a business owner, Luke also uses his love for the ocean and exploration to serve as a guide to tourists and work as a divemaster and surf instructor in Hawaii. Not only is he a member of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), but he has also been a part of expeditions for the Corps of Discovery since he was quite young, signifying that at his core, he’ll always be a survivalist.

Luke Joseph Olsen’s Wife and Kids

Luke is married to Delia Olsen and has a son named Osiris. The duo got married in their early twenties and later moved to Northern California. Delia is the Founder and CEO of Ma’at Botanicals, a cruelty and vegan-free cosmetic and herbal brand. In addition to locally sourcing the products, the brand also strives for sustainability by using organic ingredients.

Therefore, Luke and Delia have successfully incorporated their love for mother nature into their work. In addition to spending time with his wife and son, Luke is also close with his siblings and their families. As such, we wish Luke and his family the best and hope he manages to achieve all his personal and professional goals in the future as well!

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