Are Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee From American Idol Still Together? 

Any two people who decide to come together must overcome a great many obstacles before they can truly call each other their own. How difficult must it be to find your ‘one true love’ on a singing reality show in which you both are competing? This precisely is the story of how Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson met on the stage of “American Idol”. They faced multiple problems before and after the show wrapped up. But did the complications ultimately exhaust their patience and love or did they manage to come out victorious? Read on to find out the answer and also about the minuscule details of their journey!

Maddie and Caleb: American Idol Journey

Maddie and Caleb were amongst the top 24 contestants selected for the ironic ‘Hollywood Week’. Being grouped in the same batch brought them closer after which they started hanging out with each other as friends. In a matter of only a few days, they developed strong feelings of attraction for one another and before they knew it, they were ready to take it a step forward. They had already come this far during the filming of the show’s 16th season.

They hid it well and nobody from the cast or crew suspected that the two had already started dating. They had decided to not reveal this as it might have sabotaged how people felt about their “talent” and thus, affect the final result. Once the extremely talented duo was shortlisted in the top 3, “American Idol(’s)” executive producer approached them to confess their relationship status on the stage. Thus, Maddie and her boyfriend gave an official statement on the show’s finale.

 After making the big announcement, they performed Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” together with the utmost love for each other in their eyes. Ms. Poppe was crowned the winner of the show and Caleb came to the close second. He did not let even the slightest feeling of jealousy or competitiveness ruin what they had as he proudly declared to the world that his “GIRLFRIEND WON AMERICAN IDOL!!!” The two happily celebrated their wins as best friends and lovers.

Are Maddie and Caleb Still Together?

The beautiful couple headed out on ‘American Idol Live! 2018 Tour’ together right after the show ended. Completely in sync with each other, they have sung the most melodious of duets, their love, and warmth adding a layer to it. Almost throughout the year, they traveled all over the country to perform for Radio Disney Country and fulfill some other commitments. But after the glory earned from the prestigious show settled down, they had to make some big decisions.

Maddie and Caleb made the tough choice of continuing dating each other but in a long-distance relationship. Their careers had to take different paths and for that, it would have been impossible for them to stay in the same town. They went on to writing songs as the next phase in the music industry with Caleb living in Nashville, Tennessee, and his girlfriend in Iowa, though she is planning to move out soon. Living apart did not influence their amorous equation in any negative capacity and only made them miss each other more.

To express their love, they frequently dedicate their original music to each other like “Not Losing You”, “First Aid Kit” and “Made You Miss” by Maddie. In fact, her entire “Whirlwind” album is about and for him. Caleb sings amazing country songs on live shows and constantly misses his better half’s presence around him. The couple has been going strong for over two years now and is lucky enough to spend the quarantine together. They are not thinking about marriage or kids at this point in their careers yet do not deny that they would want to in the coming years. Maddie humorously confirms this in her Tweet!

It is almost unbelievable for their fans to witness Maddie and Caleb getting on a journey so pure that they often get bothered by negative thoughts. But all such pessimism can be thrown out the window as the talented singers stay hand in hand and continue to grow in their individual careers!

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