MAFS’ Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson: Everything We Know

Ever since its premiere back in 2014, Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight‘ has kept us captivated with its incredibly unique premise. After all, it follows a group of singles who agree to tie the knot with a complete stranger after meeting them at the altar for the very first time. They actually go through most of the difficult and dramatic process on their own, simply in the hopes of stumbling upon their true love to start the next chapter of their lives as blissfully as possible.

The most intriguing aspect is that despite being matched up by a set of experienced relationship experts, the couples almost always have undeniable issues amongst themselves, some of which can even prove to be catastrophic. So now that Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson have been welcomed into the ‘MAFS’ family as one such duo in season 14, let’s find out more about who they are, what they do, and why exactly they joined the show.

Everything We Know About Katina

Katina Goode prefers to keep her familial life well away from the spotlight, especially considering how she doesn’t even appear to have an online presence as of writing. But we do know that the Boston native currently serves as a Benefit Calculation Analyst. In other words, the 29-year-old is in the corporate industry, where she’s primarily responsible for estimating and communicating valuable policies to businesses and clients. That in itself makes it evident that she’s not only hardworking and intelligent but also rather ambitious.

However, before any of the professional aspirations, Katina’s dream has always been to become a loving wife and mother, but she hasn’t had any success in relationships in the past. Therefore, she dedicated the last two years of her life to an intricate journey of self-love and self-discovery to grow both mentally as well as spiritually. Katina not only knows her worth now, but she also has a better understanding of how the world works, indicating that she can likely navigate her connections better. Thus, once she admitted that she was ready to grow old with someone, the experts paired her up with Olajuwon.

Everything We Know About Olajuwon

As a Municipal Wastewater Operator and Fitness Buff, Olajuwon Dickerson seems to be a passionate 29-year-old as well. According to his accounts, he was a “playboy” at one point in his life, but as he grew older, he stopped enjoying the phase and realized that he was pretty lonely. In fact, Olajuwon also recognized that he didn’t have anyone with whom he could share his daily experiences or excitements, driving him to change his ways for good. That’s how he eventually came to the conclusion that he was ready to settle down with a wife and have a family of his own. He simply wants a partner and a future.

Coming to the decision to apply for ‘Married at First Sight,’ Olajuwon had gone to college with season 6’s Jephte Pierre. So, when they met up again at a reunion, where the latter only sang praises of the production, the former decided to give it a try as well. Olajuwon thus placed his entire trust into the experts, wishing that he could end up marrying “the one” for him in the form of a stranger, which led him straight to Katina. And honestly, they do look good together.

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