What Happened to Mai, Sam and Phill After Squid Game? Are They Friends?

Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Netflix

In a competition like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it is not unusual to see tensions rise high, given the potential rewards for the winner. Hence, the amiability shown by Mai Whelan (Player 287), Sam Lantz (Player 16), and Phill Cain (Player 451), the top 3 contestants of season 1 of the ‘Squid Game‘ spinoff, captured the attention of many. After all, the three of them were right on the cusp of winning $4.56 million, and while they did seem to prioritize their own benefits, they were still seen shedding tears for the loss of others. Now that the show is over. the world is curious if their friendship is still going strong.

Mai, Sam, and Phill Have Remained Friends After Squid Game: The Challenge

Fans of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ will be delighted to know that Mai Whelan, Sam Lantz, and Phill Cain are still on friendly terms. Prior to the airing of the season 1 finale, the three contestants attended an event at the Squid Game The Trials Experience in Los Angeles, California, and were happy enough to pose together. Sam even declared his fellow contestants “part of my chosen family” through an Instagram post. In the comment section, Phill declared the event a “legendary night with legendary pals!”

While Mai had not been active on social media until just before the finale aired, she did open an Instagram account recently. Sam shared the news of the same via an Instagram Reel. “Guess who just joined social media!? I’m so excited to introduce my friend [Mai]!!! Follow follow follow this icon!!!” Sam excitedly wrote in the caption while telling the world in the video that he was going to be her first follower, to which Mai dubbed him her “number one fan.”

Given such positive interactions between the three, it seems more than obvious that Mai, Sam, and Phil remain on quite good terms. The trio did have to face each other for a significant amount of money and did not hesitate to put themselves ahead first. However, it does not seem like they have let their competitive experience hamper their friendship and have only acted supportive of each other. This is a friendship that one cannot help but cherish.

Interestingly, the now warm dynamic between Mai and Sam is in direct contrast with their last few interactions in the show. While both of them were on good terms with Phill, Mai thought Sam was a bit colder and would not hesitate in eliminating her over Phill given the pre-existing relationship between the two. Sam certainly seemed more partial towards the third contestant and had not been entirely on board with Mai’s explanation regarding her decision to put Ashley Tolbert up for elimination. Now, it seems like those thoughts are nothing but water under the bridge.

As of writing, Mai works as an Immigration Adjudicator in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Vietnamese-American woman won the heavy prize money of $4.56 million and has been raised by many for her strategic gameplay. She also seems excited about her reality TV debut and remains good friends with several other cast members from the show, apart from the other two members of the trio.

Meanwhile, Sam is the Proud Owner and Founder of Beard Giant, a company that sells products dedicated to beard care and grooming. He is also an artist under the banner of Uncle Studio but is not accepting commissions at present. As for his personal life, the reality TV star is happily married to Doug and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his two dogs, Moo and Duke. As for Phill, they are in a polygamous relationship with Mac Abraham, having celebrated their first anniversary in May 2023. The Quadball player recently moved to New Jersey and is now part of a band called Six Ways to Saturday.

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