Malpractice Season 2 Starts Filming in Leeds in July

The filming of the second season of ITV’s medical drama series ‘Malpractice’ is set to begin in Leeds, England, in July. Grace Ofori-Attah, who created the show and wrote the first installment, also pens season 2. Philip Barantini is returning as the director.

The first installment revolves around Dr. Lucinda Edwards, a smart and battle-hardened doctor who loses a patient named Edith Owusu to an opioid overdose. Edith’s grieving father Sir Anthony Owusu demands an inquiry into Lucinda’s actions on the fateful night, paving the way for a medical investigation.

Ofori-Attah confirmed that in season 2, the series will shift its focus to a distinct department from the previous season, following Norma Callahan and George Adjei, who lead the investigation in the first installment.

“I think when I was initially thinking about it, medical malpractice, there are obviously lots of different areas that you could look at for story. The A&E story and drugs, that was something that I knew a lot about from past experience, so that seemed like a natural place to start. But actually, once we had the medical investigators, there were lots of different cases that they could look into, and then the possibilities for different storylines becomes endless,” Ofori-Attah told Radio Times about season 2.

Niamh Algar, who portrayed Dr. Lucinda Edwards, will not be returning to the second season. “I think Niamh, she’s such a star, it would be hard to bring her back as a sort of background character and to do another story focused on her would be difficult if it’s still a medical malpractice thing because we sort of dealt with her malpractice,” Ofori-Attah added about the actress’ departure.

However, ITV confirmed that Helen Behan and Jordan Kouamé will return, portraying Norma and George respectively. The rest of the cast is yet to be announced. Ofori-Attah also revealed that she would “love to have some doctor from series 1 pop up somewhere” in the same Radio Times interview.

The first season of the show was also filmed in West Yorkshire. Leeds, the largest city in the region, is a significant location for other productions such as ‘The Long Shadow‘ and ‘Secret Invasion.’

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