How Did the Mandalorian or Din Djarin Acquire the Beskar Spear? Why Does the Armorer Melt It?

Beskar is a type of alloy that the Mandalorians use to make their characteristic armors. It is known across the galaxy for its incredible durability. It not only can withstand blaster fires but also strikes from lightsabers. The alloy seems to have an immense cultural significance to the Mandalorians, who regard all beskar in existence as theirs. Beskar has rarely been used to develop an offensive tool despite its remarkable properties. Exceptions include whistling birds, the guided munitions that the Mandalorian warriors fire from their vambraces, and a spear made of pure beskar. The latter first appears in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 episode 5, titled ‘Chapter 13: The Jedi.’ If you are wondering how the Mandalorian known as Din Djarin acquired it, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

How Did the Mandalorian or Din Djarin Acquire the Beskar Spear?

After learning about Ahsoka Tano’s (Rosario Dawson) whereabouts from Bo-Katan Kryze, Djarin arrives at the walled city of Calodan on planet Corvus. The Imperial Magistrate of the city, Morgan Elsbeth, asks him to kill Tano. In exchange, she tells him that she will give him the pure beskar spear she has, not knowing he has come to Corvus searching for Tano. Djarin ventures outside the city and eventually finds Tano in a burned forest. After a brief fight, he tells her his reasons for seeking her out. Believing her to be a Jedi, he asks her to train the Child. However, she ultimately declines. With Djarin’s help, she takes down Elsbeth, freeing Calodan from the control of the remnants of the Empire.

Afterward, Tano gives the spear to Djarin, who is initially hesitant to take it, believing he hasn’t earned it. But Tano tells him that the spear belongs to a Mandalorian, convincing him to take it. Later, Djarin uses it to fight against Moff Gideon, who has the darksaber. The Mandalorian eventually triumphs against his enemy and effectively becomes the rightful wielder of the darksaber.

Why Does the Armorer Melt the Beskar Spear?

It seems after handing Grogu over to Luke Skywalker, Djarin has gone back to bounty hunting. He gets hurt during one such mission and returns to his tribe for healing. After seeing the spear in his possession, the female Mandalorian Armor asks about it. In response, the Mandalorian recounts what happened to him on Corvus. Their tribe is part of a group of Mandalorians known as Children of the Watch. Members of the mainstream Mandalorian society, such as Bo-Katan Kryze, Axe Woves, and Koska Reeves, regard them as a cult of religious zealots bent on bringing back ancient rules.

It is revealed that at least the Children of the Watch among the Mandalorians believe that no weapon should be made out of beskar. The spear can pierce the Mandalorian armor. As the Armorer states, its very existence puts the lives of the Mandalorians at risk. So, Djarin asks her to turn it into armor, prompting her to say that the darksaber is a nobler weapon for him. When the Armorer asks what she should forge with the metal from the spear, Djarin asks to create something for Grogu. It seems that she creates metal rings that are often seen in chainmail armor. This episode sets up a future reunion between Djarin and Grogu, during which the Mandalorian will give his foster Child the gift made out of pure beskar.

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