Is Mark McGwire Married? Does He Have Kids?

Mark McGwire is one of the legends of baseball especially for the memorable Home Run Chase against Sammy Sosa back in 1998. Since then, McGwire has faced some flak for his supposed drug use, about which he was defensive in 2005. Then, in 2010, he came clean about using steroids and went on to express contrition.

McGwire recounted how hard it was for him to tell his family, his kids, and his parents. Notably, McGwire’s mom and dad, John, and Ginger, have never gloated over his success but have always encouraged him. Now, McGwire is a happy family man as well and is back in the spotlight in ESPN’s ‘Long Gone Summer.’ So, who’s in his family?

Mark McGwire’s Siblings:

Mark has two siblings, Dan and Jay McGwire. They are all athletes. Dan played as a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins in the early 1990s. He was a first-round draft choice from San Diego State University. Jay, on the other hand, is a bodybuilder. In 2010, he came out with a book titled “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball’s Worst-Kept Secret,” which details their steroid usage. Jay seems to believe that though Mark started using steroids to get over injuries, it would be hard for him not to notice the obvious physical benefits of the drugs.

Mark McGwire’s Wife:

Mark has been married twice. He first married Kathy Hughes, whom he met at the University of Southern California. The two got married in 1984, but their marriage soon ran into trouble. Kathy explained it to Sports Illustrated saying that Mark’s newfound glamour as a sports star won him the approval of several women. As someone who didn’t date much in high school, Mark couldn’t resist all the attention. The couple split up in 1988.

Mark entered therapy in 1991 and turned his life around, becoming a caring dad, whenever he wasn’t giving it his best on the field. In 2002, he married Stephanie Slemer, a former pharmaceutical sales representative. Slemer spoke of their relationship, saying “I’m just thankful we found each other.”

Mark McGwire’s Kids:

As we’ve established that Mark has been a good family man ever since he entered therapy. Currently, Mark has triplets with Stephanie. His daughters are Monet Rose, Marlo Rose, and Monroe Rose. The girls join their brothers Max and Mason. The family has created the Mark McGwire Foundation for Children, to support agencies that help kids who have been sexually and physically abused.

Mark also has a son from his previous marriage, named Matthew. Although Matt lives with Kathy and her current husband, Tom Williamson, Mark remains close to the couple and spends time with his son. As a loving father, McGwire has even quit coaching to focus on his sons’ baseball careers. Max and Mason are at the JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano. Max is a power hitter like his father and is headed to Oklahoma University. Check out the high praise Max’s gotten.

Mason, on the other hand, is a lanky pitcher as his father used to be in college. You can check out Mason in action, here.

Since the triplets were born in 2010, Mark has had little time on his hands, with five children in the house. Despite the shadow of his steroid use, Mark has come clean and managed to move on with his life as a family man.

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