Where Is Marla From Skin Decision Now?

‘Skin Decision: Before and After’ is the newest Netflix reality series that focuses on transformation. If you like TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life,‘ trust us, you’ll like this one too. Old scars, stories, traumas, medical procedures, it has it all, along with the emotional aspect of human involvement. Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a plastic surgeon, and Nurse Jamie, skincare and beauty expert, are the medical professionals here and the ones who take care of the patients’ needs.

In episode 3, ‘Beauty Isn’t Dangerous,’ we were introduced to an individual who came to gain her confidence back, an individual who you might remember as a once well-known supermodel, Marla Hanson. Curious to know more about her? Read on!

Marla Hanson: Skin Decision Journey

Marla Hanson was well on her way to becoming one of the most successful women in the fashion and modeling industry. But, in 1986, just because her landlord in New York felt like she owned him something she didn’t, he hired two men to grab her and cut her face with razor blades, resulting in a lot of stitches and permanent scarring, thus, ending her career and shattering her confidence. For a while, Marla felt like she would be able to go back to work, but when she realized the truth, she stepped back from the spotlight entirely. She got married and started a family.

She struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder for most of her life, but by focusing on her family, she was able to find some light and get better. And, when she found meditation, she was able to find mental peace and stability as well. But now, as she is growing older, her looks keep reminding her of what had happened, so with a push from her daughter, she visited the cosmetic experts to attain their help and to feel beautiful, like she did once before. She didn’t want to look like that, though, thankfully, she just wanted to become the best possible version of herself.

And so, Nurse Jamie took Marla Hanson’s case, and without using a scalpel, made sure to help her. She gave her a face-lift, using liquid injections and fillers, some botox around the eyes to make her look more awake and to make the wrinkles more subtle, and then, she used laser resurfacing to fade out her scars even more. Micro-needling and sugar threads, along with a brand new diet plan and exercise routine, all also helped Marla gain back her self-esteem and to finally start feeling like herself again.

Where Is Marla From Skin Decision Today?

Marla Hanson has started modeling again. Obviously, she is not at the level that she once was, but it’s a new beginning for her. She loves the fact that although she has gotten cosmetic work done, it still looks natural and like herself, which helps her in believing and knowing that that’s who she truly is, and who she deserves to be. And, even though she doesn’t use her social media platforms to talk about herself and what she’s up to, it seems like to this date, she has continued with the new healthier routine to maintain her fitness.

Along with all this, her family and her work to protect assault victims, from PTSD or from the way they are treated in criminal courts, remains her main priority. She may have moved on herself from what happened to her, but she has taken her experiences and turned it into a drive, a drive to protect others like her, which in our opinion, is the best possible outcome from such a case.

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