Marlo Smith From HSN: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Marlo Smith on HSN/Facebook

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) is one of the most popular TV shopping networks offering a wide range of products for the audience to buy from the comfort of their homes. At the forefront of HSN’s presentations are its host and we are here to talk about one of the most charismatic and talented hosts we have come across—Marlo Smith. Known for selling food, electronic gadgets, and beauty products on the channel, Marlo has been a pillar of the industry. Her iconic style and charming nature intrigued us and we decided to delve deeper into the world of Marlo Smith. Here is what we found.

Marlo Smith’s Age, Ethnicity, Family, and Background

Marlo Smith, one of the most well-known faces on HSN, is a native Floridian born on December 19, 1968. Soon after she was born, her family moved to Miami, where she spent her entire childhood. Then, she decided to pursue her passion for theater and attended a specialized performing arts school. In her 20th Anniversary HSN interview, Marlo talked about her early career aspirations, saying, “I thought I was going to be an actress. I went to a performing arts school in high school. After I became a senior in high school, I thought, well I don’t know if I want to starve because becoming an actress is a difficult pathway.”

She added, “So I thought I would pursue something a little more practical and my parents were probably happy that I made this decision. I decided that when I was going to college I would go into radio and TV.” Her academic journey led her to Miami-Dade Community College and Florida State University, where she worked on developing her skills. Currently, her family, including her mom and her sister, live in Miami. Her sister is married and has 3 sons and 2 granddaughters. Marlo is very close to her family, especially her loving mother.

The 54-year-old host has remained a timeless beauty, captivating her audience with her appearance and her remarkable talent. The confidence she exudes makes it impossible to be ignored by anyone. Her family and upbringing have played an important part in helping her become the accomplished woman she is today.

Marlo Smith’s Profession

Marlo’s professional journey has been eclectic, which includes diverse career paths such as marketing, account management, law firm administration, radio disc jockeying, and of course, hosting. The tale of her joining HSN is quite interesting as well. In the HSN interview, Marlo remembered the day she arrived at the network’s office for her audition. “When I arrived at HSN, I had no idea that it was a national call. So when I arrived to audition, there were literally hundreds, without exaggeration, of people. And so it was an all-day process. They auditioned, I think maybe, about 10 people at a time because the response was so overwhelming,” she said.

There were times when Marlo wanted to go home as she was surrounded by people who had modeling careers and had done television and commercials. However, something told her to stick with it and it led her to a great career. She joined HSN in 1997 and has been there ever since. Having such a varied background helped her create a dynamic and engaging presence as an HSN host. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience, which, when paired with her extensive experience, has solidified her status as one of the HSN’s top hosts.

Some of her current shows include ‘G by Giuliana Rancic Fashions,’ ‘La Joie Fashions Premiere,’ ‘Democracy Fashions,’ ‘Bzees Footwear,’ ‘Fall Home Solutions,’ ‘Sealy Mattresses,’ ‘Nakery Beauty,’ ‘DG2 by Diane Gilman Fashions,’ and ‘Cooking Along with KitchenHQ’. Known as a foodie among her fans, Marlo is close with other hosts such as Bobbi Ray Carter and Bill Green. She has a passion for what she does, which also shines through in every presentation.

Is Marlo Smith Dating Anyone?

Even though Marlo Smith has been in the public eye for years, her personal life has remained relatively private. As of now, Marlo is not married and has chosen to embrace a carefree single life. She is committed to keeping that aspect of her life under wraps and refrains from giving any details about her past relationships. She did respond to one of her comments asking if she was ever married, saying, “Yes, many years ago.” Currently, Marlo is dedicated to her job as an HSN host and excels professionally without having the distractions of the public speculating about her relationship status.

Marlo lives in her home in Tampa, Florida, with her Maltese dog named Chase and has another home in Georgia. Even though Marlo is extremely private, she chose to disclose her breast cancer diagnosis to the public to raise awareness. Diagnosed in early 2022, she urged people to get their mammograms on time, saying, “I beg you not to put it off. Going forward I’m getting a mammogram every six months. Work with your healthcare provider to determine what’s best for you. Here’s what I know to be true, early detection is vital. It saved my life!”

From her humble upbringing in Florida to her now successful career as an HSN host for 25 years, Marlo Smith’s journey is a testament to her passion, dedication, and versatility. She is not afraid to embrace new opportunities and challenges and her story continues to unfold. As she remains a beloved figure on HSN, we look forward to seeing her rise ever higher and make an impact in the world of television shopping.

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