Bobbi Ray Carter: The HSN Star is Proud Married Woman and a Mother

If you love shopping, you’ve probably heard of the Home Shopping Network (HSN), the one-stop shop for a wide range of products, from home goods and electronics to fashion and jewelry. But, even with the advent of the internet and online shopping, HSN has managed to have a steady stream of viewers. One of the reasons behind this success is its delightful and charming hosts, including the beautiful, insightful, and talented Bobbi Ray Carter.

Bobbi is one of the few hosts of the network who have stood out as a beloved and enduring presence on the screen for decades. She has extensive expertise in fashion and beauty products and has a cheerful demeanor which has made her one of the most popular hosts of the network. We wanted to take a peek behind the curtain and get a look into this icon’s life, and we are going to share what we found with you.

Bobbi Ray Carter Shares a Close-Knit Bond With Her Family

A native of Quonset, Rhode Island, Bobbi Ray Carter is an integral part of the HSN family. Bobbi celebrates her birthday on November 8 of each year. Growing up, she was fortunate enough to have caring and supportive parents who helped shape her positive outlook on life. Following her father’s demise, her mother was the source of strength in her life. Unfortunately, Bobbi’s mother passed away in May 2021.

Naturally, Bobbi was devastated by her mother’s passing. In a heartfelt tribute to her mother on the latter’s birthday in 2022, she wrote, “Happy happy birthday to my Angel Mom!! You loved me, supported me and were always there helping me rise higher.. love and miss you everyday.” She is also close to her grandmother, Lucy, a free-spirited individual who stunningly posed on a motorcycle at the age of 93. Bobbi has a brother, Mike, who is a veteran, just like their father was, as well as a sister named Karen Ray Mathews (who is married to Terry). After over 30 years of service in the Air Force, Mike retired in 2016.

Bobbi and her siblings share a close-knit bond. Almost every year, the trio embarks upon thrilling annual adventurous trips to celebrate their bond and just have fun. They marked their 47th annual sibling trip in 2023. Bobbi went to She attended Sullins College and graduated with a degree in theatre in 1970. The masterful host also considers Dr. Brian Webber as her male counterpart and often refers to him as Egg.

Bobbi Ray Carter’s Profession

Bobbi’s journey in the entertainment industry began when she realized that she wanted to work in theatre. The aspiring performer quickly gained recognition for her talents while performing on a Broadway musical review tour all over Europe. However, in 1983, after returning to America, her singing and dancing career took a backseat. So, to pay the bills, she went for an audition at a cable TV channel located at the Clearwater storefront, which turned out to be HSN, and thus began her journey to be an icon in the TV shopping industry.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Bobbi reminisced about the early days of her career as a host when she had to do everything, including picking products, fielding calls, and choosing when to cut prices. When a first-time buyer made a call, she even honked the Oo-Gah horns. At this time, she made a pitch that she considers to be one of the worst product pitches of her career—a reindeer chandelier with candle holders in the antlers. Thanks to her cheerful and lively personality, she soon became one of the most popular hosts on HSN. Her perky nature also led to her fans giving her the nickname “Bubblin’ Bobbi Ray.”

Bobbi’s bosses even crowned her with a cardboard Burger King tiara making her the queen of TV shopping. Specializing in beauty and fashion products, Bobbi hosted numerous successful programs, including ‘Democracy Fashions,’ ‘Spring Home Solutions,’ ‘Yellowbox Footwear Premier,’ ‘Diane Gilman Fashions,’ ‘Serena Williams Signature Statement,’ and ‘The Andrew Lessman Variety Show.’ Her engaging presentations were the highlight of the network as they offered valuable insights to the audience and helped sell products.

Bobbi’s career soared faster than expected, and when she was recognized in a Manhattan designer boutique, she realized for the first time that she was a national phenomenon. Initially, Bobbi didn’t want a bodyguard around, but when she was forced to hide with her friends on a three-day cruise from Tampa, she changed her opinion. “When you’re on TV, people think they know you,” she said in the aforementioned Tampa Bay interview. “So the only privacy was my cabin.”

Bobbi Ray Carter’s Husband and Kids

Yes, Bobbi Ray Carter is happily married. She shares her life and her home with Jerry Carter, a successful custom furniture builder, whom she married in 1996. Their interactions reflect a strong partnership and they have raised three children, including a beautiful daughter named Noelle, who graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in broadcast and aspires to be a show host. Nicknamed Sweetpea, Noelle sang Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade” for her mother on live television during her 30th HSN Anniversary celebration. Her father is Bobbi’s first husband, about whom not much is known.

Bobbi and Jeremy are also blessed to have a granddaughter named Emersyn. The family, along with their pet dog Martin, lives in a 2-acre home in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where they are building their lives together. Bobbi is secretive about her personal life and doesn’t disclose personal information about her husband or kids. Bobbi’s remarkable journey from her theatre aspirations to becoming a beloved face on HSN is a testament to her passion, dedication, and vibrant personality. Her genuine enthusiasm, her warm smile, and her engaging presentations have been loved by her audience for four decades.

As she continues to thrive as the longest-running host of HSN, Bobbi Ray Carter is an inspiration to those who want to make it big in the world of television and entertainment. Other than redecorating, she is also an avid fan of motorcycles and enjoys riding them from time to time. Her ultimate icon is Liza Manelli, and her dream Broadway role is that of Sally Bowles in Cabaret. However, there is one thing that our multi-talented host isn’t good at, and that’s cooking, but Bobbi swears that she is getting better.

Longevity in the entertainment industry is rare. Bobbi’s 40 years on HSN is a shining example of her commitment and the positive impact she has made on her audience. To mark the occasion, she shared a post that read, “40 years ago today I held the iconic Tootie horn for the first time to welcome viewers to HSN! I am undeniably the blessed one and want to thank everyone who has been with me along the way.. my colleagues, the incredible celebrities and guests I have come to know and love and mostly.. you, our viewers, who have been with me for this memorable ride!!” Through her expertise in fashion and beauty and her ability to connect with viewers, Bobbi has carved a lasting legacy for herself, and we look forward to seeing what new achievements she will unlock in the years to come.

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