MasterChef Season 7: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Coalescing creativity, taste, and speed, ‘MasterChef’ follows several individuals as they try to win an intense cooking competition. The series follows amateur home cooks who compete in a series of competitions to win the cash prize of $250,000. As the contestants get judged by acclaimed chefs, they try to put their best foot forward and break into the restaurant industry. Having aired in 2016, season 7 of ‘MasterChef’ featured an equally competitive strike. So, if you’re also curious to learn where the contestants are these days, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Shaun O’Neale is Expanding Culinary Horizons Now

Having won the cooking competition, the DJ turned Chef walked away with $250,000 and a cookbook deal from the show. Since then, Shaun has toured the world and experienced the best of the culinary world by attending food festivals, events, and pop-ups. In his 40s, he teamed up with fellow contestant Benjamin Browning to open Larrea, his first restaurant in Las Vegas. In addition to appearing as a guest on the subsequent seasons of ‘MasterChef,’ Shaun has competed on ‘MasterChef Celebrity Throwdown.’

The season 7 winner has also appeared in shows like ‘Best in Food’ and ‘Home & Family.’ In 2017, Shaun released his first cookbook, ‘My Modern American Table.’ He has even worked as a celebrity chef at several events and mentored kids at Camp MasterChef. Apart from his ever-evolving success, Shaun offers online cooking classes for Craftsy. With a burgeoning online following, the Instagram influencer and YouTube creator is currently the Executive Chef at Sysco Las Vegas and serving as an Ambassador for Pitboss Grills. On the personal front, Shaun enjoys equal happiness with his girlfriend, Bailey.

Brandi Mudd is Advancing in Culinary Ventures

Leaving behind her post as an Elementary School Teacher, Brandi successfully climbed to the top. After leaving the show as a runner-up, she successfully sold out a 50-person dinner in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Brandi later opened several communal tables and a catering business titled Southern Flair with Chef Brandi LLC. She also returned to compete in ‘MasterChef: Back to Win.’ In her 30s, the television personality is an Instagram influencer and TikTok creator. In addition to regularly posting recipes and tips on her blog and website, the mother of three shares tidbits about her cooking process online.

David Williams is Exploring Life Beyond Poker

Despite a burgeoning career as a professional poker player, David decided to give cooking a serious chance. Since losing the top spot to Shaun O’Neale, he has continued to use his skills and acumen for his career. David is known for being a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ player. At 43, he has since retired from poker and is currently working as a Jpeg Dealer and is based in Las Vegas with his daughter, Liliana. While David hasn’t pursued cooking professionally, he still enjoys his success with his daughter, friends, and family.

Tanorria Askew is Pursuing Culinary and Social Activism

After ranking fourth on the FOX cooking show, Credit Union Coordinator Tanorria has accelerated her path to success. She is currently working at EDGE Mentoring as an Emerging Leader Advisor. The social activist is the Co-Owner and creator of ‘Black Girls Eating,’ a podcast where she likes to raise cultural awareness. Aside from this, Tanorria has kickstarted her dreams of becoming a professional chef.

In 2015, the television personality established Tanorria’s Table, a professional chef service that provides dining for home parties and even delivers customized menus. In her 30s, Tanorria has a website and online store where fans can learn more about the intersectional television personality, author, social activist, and entrepreneur. On the personal front, she is married to Johnny Nicks and enjoys her exponentating success with her family and friends.

Daniel “Dan” Paustian is Diversifying into Acting and Food Blogging

The comedian and bartender became known for his endearing personality on the show. Since his exit, he has branched into acting, food blogging, and writing. The Charlotte native went on to open his restaurant Flavor City, where he is also the Head Chef. He hosts and produces Hard Lemonade, a live show known for representing comedians and musicians. Approaching his 30s, Dan has also appeared in productions like ‘Last Place Trophy,’ ‘Community,’ ‘Mom,’ and ‘I Wrote This For You.’ On the personal front, the dog dad likes to keep his dating life private but enjoys spending time with his friends and colleagues.

Katie Dixon is Expanding Her Culinary Enterprise

The Southern Miss alumna left the cooking show in high spirits. Since her exit, the wife and mother of two has become a businesswoman. She established Birdhouse Cafe in 2017, a restaurant in West Hattiesburg, where she takes cooking classes for children and adults. Fans and readers can also find a range of power foods, service meals, and healthy treats in Katie’s cafe.

Katie is a spokesperson for the MS UProot Campaign. Apart from using food to hone health, she is a Certified Personal Trainer and loves to help her clients holistically. In her 30s, the renowned chef is an avid traveler and loves to draw global influences on the plate. The television personality offers cooking classes, meal plans, and catering services as well. When she’s not engaged in work assignments, Katie likes to unwind and spend time with her daughters — Steve, Kate, and Risi.

Nathan Barnhouse is Engaging in Theatrical Performances

Image Credit: Nat Coe/Twitter

After becoming famous for cooking in their bowtie, the Pennsylvania native returned to college to finish their degree in Theatrical Studies. Nathan also changed their name to Nathanael Coe and has since worked in several local productions. In their 20s, they have appeared in theatrical works like ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Deathtrap,’ and ‘Present Laughter.’ While no longer a chef, they still like to explore their creativity through different forms of expression.

Eric Howard is Expanding His Culinary Career

The fireman from Queens eventually established his monopoly in the New York restaurant scene. He is now a Chef and Food Consultant, continuously expanding his passion for cooking into a successful career. Having worked with different restaurants, food festivals, and notable people, Eric has been featured on Food Network’s ‘The Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge.’

Besides several appearances in the media, he is a Partner at Gramercy Ale House, a restaurant in New York. Approaching his 30s, Eric is also an ambassador for Pitboss Grills and regularly shares tips and tricks for cooking online. Moreover, he hopes to establish his restaurant someday. The culinary expert is married to Olivia Howard, a florist and food enthusiast. The couple recently welcomed their daughter Josie into the world.

Terence “Terry” Mueller is Working in Contracting

A professional handyman, Terry came to be known for his record-setting individual wins on the show. Since his elimination from the competition, he has returned to his work as a contractual worker. Initially, the television personality had attended several cooking events. However, he later took a step back from a life in the media. Based in California, the proud father is in his 40s and continues to embrace new challenges with the support of his loved ones.

Diamond Alexander is Progressing in Design and Creativity Now

The former Miss San Diego became the first person to be eliminated from the Top 10 contestants of the show. Nevertheless, the proud vegetarian has found success outside of television as well. Diamond returned to her job as a UI/UX designer. She is currently working with Buoy as a Freelance Brand and Web Designer. Over the years, she has held roles with companies like Talent Reef, KPMG, and Advice Pay.

Image Credit: Diamond Alexander/LinkedIn

Based in Washington with her family, Diamond uses her intersectional experiences as a sports nutritionist, pageant winner, and chef to embark on new paths and adventures. While she likes to keep her personal information under wraps, it is apparent that she’s continuously accelerating toward unbound personal and professional success.

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