MasterChef Season 9: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Competing in a series of challenges to become the best amateur home cook, ‘MasterChef’ features a group of individuals trying to put their best foot forward and walking away with a cash prize of $250,000. The cooking series dives into numerous challenges judged by world-renowned chefs and intense pressure tests that test the skill and acumen of home cooks. Released in 2018, season 9 of ‘MasterChef’ features an equally taut premise filled with culinary experiments and delicacies. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the contestants these days, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Gerron Hurt is Expanding His Culinary Ventures Now

The English teacher from Louisville, Kentucky, made history by becoming the first Black man to win ‘MasterChef.’ Since rising to prominence through the hit cooking show, Gerron has been exploring new heights. He established his restaurant, Southern Ego Truck, where he works as the Head Chef. Gerron aims to bring the taste of southern dishes to everyone’s palette and hopes to achieve an intersectional cooking experience.

In his 30s, Gerron is also a Cameo and YouTube creator. Fans and readers can also find his recipes and tricks on his online channels. On the personal front, Gerron enjoys spending time with his wife, Brandi, and their children – Harlee and Hendrix.

Ashley Mincey is a Private Chef Now

Despite losing the top spot to Gerron, Ashley has remained steadfast in expanding her culinary skills. In addition to using her platform to showcase her cooking skills, Ashley has become a private chef and offers her dining services to clients in South Florida. The social media creator also has several online services and kits for fans.

In her 30s, Ashley has worked as a recipe developer and showcased her talents at several pop-up dining events. Moreover, the culinary artist established her brand Envie By Mincey and delivers several cooking services through the same. She has also appeared on Hulu’s ‘Best in Dough,’ and ‘Women in Pizza.’ On the personal front, Ashley likes to remain away from the spotlight.

Cesar Cano is Actively Educating and Pursuing Culinary Interests

The high school teacher took an unexpected rise and slowly established himself as a forerunner on the show. Since his exit from the competition, Cesar has returned to educating children and accepted the position of an English teacher at the Pasadena Memorial High. Nevertheless, he retains an interest in cooking and has even conducted several charity cooking events.

Cesar has also provided his private dining and cooking services to clients. In 2019, he took the position of culinary instructor and taught novice cooks at Camp Masterchef. The television personality uses Instagram and YouTube to showcase his culinary skills and expertise in the kitchen. In his 30s, Cesar enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Crystal, and exploring new eateries and restaurants.

Samantha Daily is Developing Culinary Expertise

Only a college student during season 9, Samantha still showcased her exceptional knowledge and understanding. The television personality appeared on the series again in season 12, ‘MasterChef: Back to Win.’ Over the years, Samantha has worked in a bakery and even ran her cooking classes. In 2019, she enrolled in the International Culinary Center in Manhattan and decided to refine her skills in the kitchen under Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Shortly after graduating from culinary school, Samantha worked at a restaurant in New York. She relocated to Iowa in 2020 and worked as a Cake Decorator and Wedding coordinator at The Bake Shoppe Des Moines. In her 20s, Samantha is currently an Instagram influencer and has an ever-evolving following. In addition to showcasing her skills online, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Calvin Dixon.

\Bowen Li is Establishing His Culinary Identity Today

Like Samantha, Bowen also chose to redeem himself and reappeared on ‘MasterChef: Back to Win.’ While he failed to walk away with the top spot in season 12, he has still established himself as an emerging name in the culinary industry. Approaching his 30s, the reality TV star has taught cooking classes and founded Bowen Bistro with his husband, David Li. Once a commercial pilot, Bowen now experiences the thrill of life behind the stove. Based in Indiana, he enjoys showcasing his skills online and regularly takes to Instagram to post snippets of his expertise.

Farhan Momin is Balancing Dentistry and Culinary Pursuits

The Vanderbilt University alum brought his culinary expertise from Southeast Asia onto the plate. After placing sixth in the season, Farhan returned to college and finished his degree in dentistry. However, the television personality is no longer just a practicing dentist. In addition to donning the white coat, he wears the chef’s hat and offers private chef and catering services in Georgia.

Farhan opened his restaurant, Atlanta Halal Meat & Food, in Suwanee and has worked in several pop-ups. Approaching his 30s, he has also opened Farmo Cooks and oversees the operations. The Indian-American recently tied the knot with Sukaina Syed and continues to showcase his culinary skills online.

Julia Danno is Expanding Culinary Endeavors

Having been practically raised in her father’s restaurant, food was more than just sustenance for Julia. After losing the top spot in season 9, she expanded her portfolio by working on pop-ups, selling cakes, and offering private dining services. Subsequently, Julia returned to season 12 but sustained a heavy loss during filming.

After a long battle, Julia’s father breathed his last around the time she flew to California for filming. Since then, she has opened a GoFundMe page to generate enough funds to open her own bakery and restaurant. In her 40s, Julia is currently an Instagram influencer and owns Juju’s Chicago-style Cheesecake. On the personal front, the television personality continues to enjoy life with her mother, family, and friends.

Shanika Patterson is Advancing in Her Culinary Career

The Florida-based chef went on to complete her training at the Culinary Institute of America at the Pearl. Not just this, Shanika returned to ‘MasterChef: Back to Win’ and competed as a semi-finalist. The culinary trailblazer is currently based in San Antonio, Texas, where she works as a Chef at SNR Foods. Shanika has also worked as a Pastry Chef at Savor, The Culinary Institute of America. While the television personality likes to keep her personal life concealed, it is apparent that the talented chef in her 30s is on the path to achieving personal and professional success.

Taylor Waltmon is Excelling in Sales Development

With varied interests and exceptional skills, Taylor established herself as a forerunner in the competition. After exiting in the ninth position, she returned to her life in sales and corporate. In her 30s, the television personality went on to work as a Sales Executive at Q1 Media. Currently, Taylor is the Vice President of Sales Development and Training at Q1. Based in Austin, Texas, she was also an Instructor at a local cycling studio. The novice chef got married and gave birth to two daughters subsequently. While she likes maintaining her family’s privacy, she still hopes to achieve several milestones with her little unit.

Emily Hallock is Leading in Consumer Insights and Culinary Creativity

After losing season 9 because of a simple mistake, Emily returned in season 12 to get another chance at winning the competition. She went on to compete in the semi-finals in ‘MasterChef: Back to Win,’ and has since used her experience and knowledge in consumer insights to become an industry leader in the food industry. In her 30s, the television personality is currently the Manager of Consumer Insights at Vital Proteins, where she conducts foundational research studies to deliver insights on trends in the industry.

Emily has continued her journey as a culinary extraordinaire by maintaining an ever-evolving online community. Fans and readers can find her recipes, demos, and tips on gardening and baking through her Instagram account. Furthermore, Emily enjoys traveling with her partner, John Pacci, and regularly uploads her latest recipes and tips on her website.

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