Matador Meggings on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

Image Credit: Valentine Aseyo/Instagram

Creativity and imagination take shape in the form of entrepreneurial spirit in ‘Shark Tank.’ The reality television show features a streak of businesses that present the intricacies of their business operations in front of venture capitalists and investors. The fifteenth iteration of the series features Matador Meggings, a company that offers new avenues of athletic wear. With innovation at its epicentre, the brand tackles the limitations of men’s athletic wear. The company’s unique designs and futuristic make led us to wonder more about its growth. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more about Matador Meggings and its founder, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Matador Meggings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Having found himself at the tail end of options in fitness apparel, Valentine Aseyo decided to take things into his own hands. In 2019, the founder of the clothing brand was training to become a yoga instructor. However, upon entering the room, he found himself surrounded by women who had an array of options in terms of athleisure. Having realized that leggings and spandex have always been an afterthought for men, Valentine Aseyo decided to kickstart his own brand and revolutionize the world of men’s athletic wear.

After researching the kinds of products available in the market, he quickly realized that there was extensive scope for innovation and disruption. Consequently, Valentine gave birth to the idea of Matador Meggings, a unique brand inspired by the masculinity and agility of matadors or bullfighters. In the hopes of providing a product that does not curtail speed and agility, Valentine designed and perfected these leggings. He also ensured that the clothing catered to men’s specific requirements. As such, he created a unique design that would befit the male anatomy.

Slowly, he perfected a design that included a soft molded crotch cup. This modesty pad would ensure equal comfort for different body types. An additional non-slip waistband was also added to ensure adjustability. Besides this, the legging would include zipper pockets to include valuables such as phones and keys. The product was made to support and stabilize muscles and increase blood flow and oxygenation. With enhanced performance and extreme comfort in mind, Valentine Aseyo decided to launch the product. It wasn’t long before the media and users recognized the unique addition to athleisure.

Matador Meggings: Where Are They Now?

Consistent with its mission to make male athletic apparel more comfortable, Matador Meggings continues to thrive under the leadership of Valentine Aseyo. The brand’s appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ has further facilitated the promotion of the athleisure company. Besides getting traction for its unique design, the brand also ensures that the user isn’t encumbered by a lack of functionality. The consumers can find multiple pockets, drawstrings, and a towel loop in their sweat-wicking performance fabric. Not only this, but the aesthetically pleasing designs add another layer of style to the consumer who dons them.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, Matador Meggings also provides additional clothing items and functional accessories that complete the entire attire for a sportsperson. Besides offering multiple designs on leggings, consumers can also find joggers, belt bags, chest bags, water bottles, tops, and reflective belts on the company’s website. With a wide consumer base, the company has made shopping more accessible for its customers. In addition to offering discounts and coupons on special events and to first-time users, the brand also offers wholesale options for buyers. Not just this, many can also avail of the company’s buy now pay later options.

As an ever-evolving brand set to revolutionize men’s athletic apparel, Matador Meggings provides an array of products on its website. Most recently, the company’s success has been covered in eminent publications like the Wall Street Journal and Voyage. In addition to offering a variety of options, such as tops, shorts, leggings, and tanks, the brand ensures that the consumer has an assortment of options when it comes to design. As such, fans and readers can find new designs and patterns under the New Arrival section of the company. From their bestselling Rainbow Tiger Meggings for $91.90 to their Pride Zigzag Shorts for $79.00, the company ensures that workout apparel is no longer mundane and simplistic. Naturally, we continue to await all the ways in which Matador Meggings will transform athletic apparel.

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