Matt Blashaw From HGTV: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Matt Blashaw/Instagram

Breaking down the semantics of construction, repair, and rebuild, Matt Blashaw has helped countless decode the intricacies of construction through DIY Network and HGTV’s ‘Yard Crashers.’ Adept with the complexities that come with renovating and constructing houses, Matt Blashaw’s expertise has made him one of the most sought-after people for home renovation tips and tricks. So, if you also want to learn more about the reality show star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Matt Blashaw’s Ethnicity, Family, and California Upbringing

Born on November 6, 1975, Matt Blashaw’s childhood was spent in the bright rays of California. Born to Lawrence Blashaw and Deborah Klee Blashaw, growing up, Matt’s biggest influences were his parents and grandfather. Matt’s father is an engineer, and his grandfather was a World War II veteran. Matt’s affectionate upbringing allowed him to pursue different opportunities. He graduated from Chapman University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Cinema, and Video Studies. Despite an initial interest in cinema and film studies, Matt ventured into other fields as well.

Matt Blashaw’s Profession

In 2001, Matt started working for Disneyland Resort in their Technical Services team. After a two-year stint wherein Matt managed to expand his knowledge of electricity and show effects, the reality star decided to put his expertise to the test and established Blashaw Construction Inc. From here on, Matt began a career in remodelling and designing residential spaces.

The year 2007 saw Matt’s entry into television with ‘Deconstruction.’ Since then, Matt has solidified his name as an expert in the art of building, remodeling, and designing. He has appeared on HGTV shows like, ‘Blog Cabin,’ ‘Project Xtreme,’ ‘Money Hunters,’ ‘Professional Grade,’ ‘Build It Forward,’ ‘Yard Crashers,’ and ‘America’s Most Desperate Landscape in 2019.’

Even when Matt’s appearances on reality shows were picking up, he didn’t drop his safety net and continued working in different positions as well. As such, in addition to working on television, he’s held positions full-time positions as a Real Estate Agent, a Senior Associate, and even a Sales Associate for different companies. In 2019, he joined Redfin as a Premier Homes Senior Agent and continued working for them in Orange County, California, till 2021. After doing more than 500 episodes of television, Matt decided to repurpose his time and energy.

Finally, Matt took a leap of faith in 2021 and established his organization called Blashaw Resedential Inc., a one-stop organization that will help clients buy, sell, build, renovate, and do just about anything in creating the ideal house. In addition to his appearances on reality television, Matt has also appeared in movies and television shows, including but not limited to, ‘Rattle Basket,’ ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’  and ‘Unhappily Ever After.’

Matt Blashaw’s Life With Wife and Kids

In addition to being able to work on something Matt Blashaw is passionate about, television has also helped him meet the woman of his dreams. The reality TV star is married to Lindsay Archer, a landscape architect. In 2016, when Matt was working on ‘Yard Crashers’ in Kansas City, he came across Lindsay while the team was working on a plant wall.

While their meeting had been brief and involved nothing special, sparks flew fast, and Matt texted her the same night! The duo’s mutual feelings led to a swift courtship, and the two ended up getting married in 2017. Lindsay and Matt’s son was born the following year, in July 2018, and is named Jace William Blashaw.

Before meeting Lindsay, Matt had been married to Teresa Bradshaw for 17 years. However, it wasn’t meant to be, and their relationship ended amicably with a divorce. While the star rarely opens up about reasons for their separation, he has always been vocal about how his ex-wife helped guide him to the right path when he struggled with work. So, even though Matt had to overcome a number of challenges, he’s now settled with the woman of his dreams, and the couple raise their son and dog in Kansas. Naturally, we hope that Matt keeps on creating new milestones professionally and personally!

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