Matt Sheridan: Miss Cleo’s Ex-Partner is a Podcast Host Now

‘Call Me Miss Cleo’ is a fascinating documentary by HBO Max that sheds light on the life of Youree Dell Cleomili Harris, who became well-known as Miss Cleo. As an employee of the Psychic Readers Network(PRN), she was featured in several infomercials as a Jamaican shaman with a charisma that captivated the viewers. Soon, she became a well-known personality across the USA until the legal battle involving PRN ended the reign of Miss Cleo on television.

In the movie, directed by Celia Aniskovich and Jennifer Brea, several people close to Miss Cleo share their perspectives of the woman behind the cameras and her authenticity as a psychic. The viewers also get a glimpse into the coming-out journey of the TV personality and how that shaped her life. The stories provided by Matt Sheridan about his relationship with Miss Cleo were crucial in this tale. Naturally, people are eager to learn more about him, and we are here to explore the same!

Who is Matt Sheridan?

When discussing the topic of Miss Cleo’s love life, the viewers get to know her reasons for publically coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. They also get to meet Matthew “Matt” Sheridan, her former partner who could not help but reminisce about the good days they once shared. The truth is he was actually MaryAnn when they got together — he has since transitioned into his real identity as a male. Given his attraction to the opposite gender from an early age, he admittedly fell for Miss Cleo and her personality pretty quickly.

Talking about his time with Miss Cleo while the two were dating, Matt explained that the relationship was not the best out there. It worked for them. The pair liked things as they were and were quite comfortable with each other. In the HBO Max documentary, he praised his ex-partner’s cooking and her love for it. In a reminiscing manner, Matt shares that Cleo had not believed him when he said that this was his first-ever interracial relationship.

However, when he admitted to having had a steamy dream at a young age about iconic musician Janet Jackson, it apparently made Cleo extremely jealous of her. Despite the good times they had, the couple ultimately parted ways. According to Matt, it was mainly due to their differences in expressing their identities. While the PRN star wanted to be out in the open and celebrate her sexuality, Matt felt hesitant regarding the same.

Where is Matt Sheridan Now?

As of writing, Matt Sheridan lives in Chesnee, South Carolina. Since November 2011, he has been working as an Independent Filmmaker/Screenwriter in affiliation with Lindamar Productions. Cleo’s former partner soon started to expand his horizons and took up Script Writing in December 2016. Additionally, he claims to be an entertainer and often posts content on platforms like TikTok. A lot of Matt’s content is focused on issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

Matt is pretty open about his identity as a transman and embraces it with open arms. In July 2022, he started his own podcast titled “Ramblings with an Elder Tranny Man,” which primarily focuses on Health and Fitness, though other topics are also mentioned often. He was also quite happy to be a part of the HBO documentary and shared the news of the same with his followers.

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