Are Maximo and Ash From Couple to Throuple Still Together?

A show with an undeniably unique premise, Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple‘ gives the world a chance to see just how the world of polyamory can be. As various couples seek a third partner for their relationship, they have to tackle many obstacles, all the while ensuring that the person they are choosing is the one for them. Consider Maximo and Ash (AKA Ashley) from the show’s debut season, who may have entered the show midway through but easily captured the attention of the world with their charismatic personality, leading many to inquire about their love life.

Maximo and Ash Changed The Dynamic of the Show

Entering the Peacock show, Maximo and Ash were more than open about their pride in their identities as non-binary, pansexual individuals. Using they/he/she pronouns, the two shared how Maximo had primarily dated men while Ash was dating women before they met each other. Both confessed that they were already in a polyamorous relationship, with Maximo having had different patterns while dating Ash and vice versa. However, the two had never been a part of a threesome and were looking for someone with whom they could share the experience.

Having entered the experiment during an Adam and Eve-themed party, Maximo and Ash were given a chance to select any one single, match or unmatched, who would be spending the night with them in the most luxurious suite in the resort. The two ended up choosing Francius For Jr, AKA Junior, with whom they explored the emotional as well as the physical side of the relationship. One of the most interesting tidbits to come out of this night was certainly the fact that Maximo and Ash wanted two children while Junior was hoping for no less than eight.

Though they did spend a good night with Junior, Maximo and Ash chose Becca Calb to be their partner for the next date. The three clicked instantly and talked about their exploration of their sexualities as well as life goals. The conversation itself gave Becca hope that this might be it for her. Indeed, when Maximo and Ash’s first matching ceremony came around, they chose Becca to be their partner, who was excited about the development.

However, Maximo and Ash were not really done exploring their options. They openly expressed their interest in Darrien Seqqoya, who was with Brittne Babe and Sean Williams at the time. Additionally, the newly single Jonathan Intriago was also approached by the latest couple in the experiment during a party. However, Jonathan decided not to jeopardize his friendship with Becca and told her about what had transpired. Becca herself chose to take a wait-and-watch stance, not mad about the prospect of Maximo and Ash exploring their options but hoping that they would be transparent about it to her.

Things also got tense between the rest of that couple and the duo of Maximo and Ash. Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali were far from happy when they learned how Maximo and Ash had tried to pursue a connection with Jonathan. Meanwhile, Brittne and Sean were also incensed about their growing connection with Darrien. Even Becca decided to confront the two about their actions, but the resulting conversation had Becca come to an understanding of where the couple was coming from.

When the next ceremony came around, Maximo and Ash declared that they wanted to swap partners. Their delight when Jonathan stepped forward as someone interested in them was evident to see, and the two did choose him. However, they soon realized that the complicated nature of the connection between Jonathan, Rehman, and Ashmal was nothing if not complicated. Despite that, they continued to try to woo Jonathan to stay beside them.

In an attempt to see where the hearts of the couples lay, Maximo and Ash were given a chance to meet with singles they had a history with them. This allowed them to learn that Becca was still interested in them and that Darrien was open to a five-way connection with two couples but seemed to hold Brittne and Sean as a priority. When the time came for the couples and singles to make their final choice, Maximo and Ash were saddened to see Jonathan going back to Rehman and Ashmal.

Maximo and Ash themselves chose to be with Becca, claiming that they respected the connection between Darrien, Brittne, and Sean very much. However, this also made Becca feel as if she was only chosen because the couple had no other choice. This was a notion that Maximo initially did nothing to discourage. However, thanks to Ash’s mediation skills, the three finally reached a consensus and were able to continue on a much smoother path

Maximo and Ash Are in a Happy Relationship

As of writing, Maximo and Ash seem to still be in a happy relationship. Out of the two, the former is a member of the House of Xtravaganza and is proud of their work as an artist. Together, the two reality TV stars present a picture of a strong couple who are not afraid of expressing themselves and certainly do not back down from a challenge. Their time on the show has also made many members of the non-binary, transgender, and pansexual communities feel seen and represented.

While it seemed like Maximo and Ash might be set on Becca Calb, things changed just before the finale when the couples were separated from their chosen thirds. Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali revealed to them how Becca had confessed to them that their actions had made them feel like a last choice for them. Conflicted that Becca’s feelings for them might not be as deep as they thought, Maximo and Ash chose not to step forward during the last relationship. They were not exactly happy that Becca had also decided not to step forward and felt somewhat relieved that they had not been rejected.

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