Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Episode 6, titled ‘Every Feather,’ finds tensions boiling over in the gritty titular city. Mike tries increasingly hard to manage expectations but seems to be overrun by problems at the moment. Combined with the ominous message written in blood on his office wall, to say nothing of the dead agents found alongside, things are beginning to look very dicey indeed. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 6 and make sure we haven’t missed any important details. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens in the prison yard, where various groups begin to form before an all-out brawl amongst the prisoners breaks out. In the chaos, one of the prisoners is stabbed by his fellow inmates, and the perpetrators remain unknown. When the prison guards put the whole building on lockdown, Mike begins to get pressured by various gang leaders who demand the guards step down. Even Bunny loses his temper and threatens the Kingstown powerbroker that violence might “spill out onto the streets” if the situation in prison is not corrected.

Meanwhile, Milo tries to use a different approach with Mike and orders Josef to beat up Iris. As expected, when the battered young girl shows up at Mike’s office, he immediately finds Josef and beats him to a pulp. Realizing that Iris is now in grave danger from Milo, the McLusky brother asks his contacts in the FBI to put her in the witness protection program. However, Iris is unable to provide sufficient usable information to qualify her for the program.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 Ending: Is Iris Dead? What Does “Every Feather” Mean?

When Milo requests to speak with Mike in the park, the latter obliges, only to find out that the incarcerated criminal is tracking Iris through an implant. Upon arriving back at his office, Mike finds her missing and the two FBI officers he left her with brutally murdered. In the closing scene of the episode, we see on the office wall, written in blood, the words “Every Feather.”

So Iris has seemingly been kidnapped by Milo, who reveals how he inserts a tracking device in the abdomen of women that work for him. Though the criminal threatens to kill her, it is unlikely that he will do it so soon. Milo is a very calculating criminal (according to Mike), which means that he will likely exploit the McLusky brother’s weakness for Iris as much as possible.

The phrase “Every Feather” also seems to hint at a similar outcome, as it appears that Milo plans on torturing Iris as much as possible. The phrase appears to refer to plucking every feather from a bird, making it likely that the criminal has a long and excruciating plan in mind. The phrase is also meant to be a taunt at Mike, as Milo has openly conveyed that he plans to torture the girl Mike cares about on the former’s wall (in blood!). Thus, it seems like any shreds of pretend civility have now left their relationship, and the gloves are off between Milo and Mike.

Why Does Milo Kidnap Iris?

Milo’s only motive for kidnapping Iris seems to be to anger Mike. Since Milo has repeatedly tried to catch the Kingstown powerbroker’s attention to discuss the money he lost, only to be snubbed, this seems to be his latest gambit. Ironically, Milo probably expected Mike to assault Josef, taking the McLusky brother’s retaliation as proof that he cares about Iris.

Thus, his next logical move is to kidnap the girl that Mike cares about so that he then has the influential powerbroker’s undivided attention. However, Milo needs to play his cards carefully as being on Mike’s wrong side seems to have very dire consequences for criminals. The FBI agents Milo has had killed in the process of kidnapping Iris are also likely going to lead to a massive investigation, which could prove troublesome to the seedy underbelly of Kingstown.

Why is Bunny Angry at Mike?

Bunny feels especially frustrated by the events in the prison because the inmate that gets stabbed amid the chaos of the prison brawl is one of his gang members. To add insult to injury, the guard in the watchtower who is supposed to shoot the assaulters accidentally shoots the man being assaulted. Therefore, Bunny (justifiably) feels that both the prison inmates and guards are ganging up against his men.

To make matters even worse, the prison guards have put some of Bunny’s highest-ranking gang members in solitary confinement. Bunny is therefore furious and demands that Mike talk to the guards and end the lockdown in prison. The powerful drug dealer also threatens to “take care” of the guard that shot his man, though Mike seemingly doesn’t take the threat seriously. Things, however, seem very precarious at the moment, and we could see Bunny or one of the other gang leaders soon cross a line that Mike has warned them not to overstep.

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