Who Are McCaffrey, Augie, and Gwen in The Family Plan?

Daniel “Dan” Morgan confronts several familiar faces from the past in Apple TV+’s action-comedy film ‘The Family Plan.’ Starting from the mysterious McCaffrey to the dependable Augie, these individuals turn Dan and his loved ones’ lives around. Their sudden appearance in his life not only exposes Dan’s secrets but also threatens his life. He tries his best to bury his past and these people along with it to restart a new chapter of his existence as Jessica’s husband and Nina, Kyle, and Max’s father. The connections Dan has with McCaffrey, Augie, and Gwen get unraveled in the action thriller only gradually! SPOILERS AHEAD.

McCaffrey: The Killer Father

McCaffrey is Dan’s real father. Before becoming the leader of a mercenary gang, he served in the British Army’s Special Air Service. After Dan, who lived by his real name Sean before meeting Jess, became a brilliant American soldier, he recruited his son to a special force he assembled to do the government’s dirty work for them. McCaffrey’s team of covert assassins, which included Dan/Sean, killed several international terrorists, warlords, and kidnappers for the sake of people in power, who couldn’t wage a war against the worst with the whole world watching them. Although McCaffrey’s actions were legal at first, he was eventually immersed in greed, which distracted him from doing the right thing.

Sometime in the past, McCaffrey started to “rent” his assassins for the highest bidders to eliminate their personal targets. He didn’t inform Dan about his illegal activities, likely fearing the latter’s departure from him and his group. Considering Dan’s exceptional skills as a hitman, his father might have been concerned about the loss of money the former’s absence could cause. Dan eventually came to know the truth about the people behind his assignments, which made him bid adieu to his father and his team of mercenaries. He disappeared from them to “reborn” as Dan, the loving husband of Jess and the responsible father of Nina and later Kyle and Max.

McCaffrey tries to kill Dan because the latter “betrayed” him and his group. Ever since Dan vanished from his life, the head of several international hitmen has been sending his people to discover the whereabouts of his son. When he finally finds out where Dan lives, most likely through social media, he sets out to kill the latter in any way possible. His thirst for vengeance, however, gets quenched when he gets convinced that Dan’s life as a typical family man hadn’t affected his capabilities as an assassin. He asks his son to leave his family and rejoin his old group if he wants to live. Dan then chooses his family, defeats his father for good, and hands the latter over to the authorities.

Augie: The Ever-Reliable Friend

Augie was Dan’s associate when the latter was working as a covert assassin. Whenever Dan needed any help, Augie was his go-to man. While he traveled across the world to kill the bad guys, Augie stayed back and worked hard, creating fake documents and other essentials, to make the missions possible. It is unclear whether Augie and Dan left McCaffrey’s group at the same time but the covert assassin’s disappearance from the team didn’t help Augie at all. He had to hide in Tempe, Arizona, seemingly to avoid McCaffrey’s wrath. Even in hiding, he put his talents to use as he started making fake IDs for college-going kids for money.

Even when Augie needed money, he didn’t betray Dan, which shows how trustworthy he is. Augie is aware that he would receive an immense amount of money from McCaffrey if he is ready to lead the latter to his son but he chooses to remain Dan’s loyal friend instead. When McCaffrey’s threat ceased to exist after his arrest, Dan didn’t forget his friend. He started a new security advising firm and made Augie a part of his venture, giving him a fresh start out of Tempe. Although Augie doesn’t approve of his role in the firm, he must be happy that he got an opportunity to reunite with his friend for good without the need to hide anywhere.

Gwen: The Fiery Ex-Lover

Gwen is Dan’s ex-lover. While McCaffrey searches for his son all across the world, Gwen has been trying to find him as well. When Dan was an assassin, he had an intense relationship with Gwen. Since both of them were assassins, they might have been able to understand each other’s way of life perfectly. Furthermore, the high they got killing the dictators and warlords was visible in their intimacy. They were not able to get enough of each other in bed, likely because of their regular separation from each other for their individual missions. Dan left Gwen when he learned that his father was auctioning him to potent and rich people to do their personal assignments.

After parting ways with his life as an assassin, Dan met and married Jess. He forgot Gwen for good and the world she was a part of. Gwen, however, wasn’t ready to forget her lover. She tried to find him, only to learn that Dan found another woman. She shows up in Buffalo, New York, one day to meet the person who replaced her in her lover’s life, which leads her to Jess. Gwen finds Jess insufferable because she thinks that the latter is not as attractive or adventurous as she is. The assassin then kidnaps Jess and her children to gain Dan back but the latter chooses his family over his ex. Jess then kills Gwen, ensuring that she won’t come in between the Morgans anymore.

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