The Family Plan End Credits Scene, Explained

The end credits scene of Apple TV+’s action-comedy film ‘The Family Plan’ depicts the Morgan family leaving for another road trip, this time to California for Nina Morgan to join Stanford University. The trip happens after they deal with the threat of Dan Morgan’s father McCaffrey, who sets out to kill his son. The journey sheds light on what lies ahead for the Morgans as a family after nearly getting killed in Las Vegas. Throughout the movie, Dan worries whether his family will leave him after they learn about his past and the final scene answers the question! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Morgans’ Harmony

Dan hides that he was a covert assassin from his wife Jessica for eighteen years fearing that the truth would make her break up with him. After the births of Nina, Kyle, and Max, Dan found it impossible to unravel his past in front of his family fearing they would vanish from his life. When McCaffrey and his men try to hunt him down after eighteen years, Dan starts to worry about his loved ones finally learning that he is nothing but a liar. His worst fear materializes when they are in Las Vegas as the people after him show up before Jess and their kids.

Realizing that he cannot hide anymore, Dan tells Jess, Nina, and Kyle the truth about being an assassin in the past, only for them to leave him. However, Gwen’s decision to kidnap them for McCaffrey reunites Dan with his family. Upon confronting the possibility of Dan returning to the world of crime, Jess and their kids realize that they cannot let McCaffrey take the man of the family away from them. They put their lives on the line to protect Dan from the latter’s father and his hitmen. Finally, the Morgans succeed in overcoming the life-threatening challenges presented by McCaffrey.

The road trip in the end credits scene makes it clear that there aren’t any tensions or ill feelings between Dan and his family. He can joke around with his wife and children as he used to do before his past resurfaced through McCaffrey and Gwen. The time they spend together with immense joy shows the viewers that Dan is forgiven irrespective of the lies he had been saying for nearly two decades.

Nina’s Redemption

Nina’s decision to try to join Stanford University makes it evident that she is finally out of Trevor’s influence. After dreaming of becoming a Stanford student for a long while, Nina changed her ambition and decided to join a university in Iowa to be with Trevor. His anti-establishment notions transformed her enough for her to become a new person altogether. She started to see Stanford, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, as a part of the “establishment” after being with Trevor. Nina goes to meet Trevor while going to Las Vegas, only to catch him with another girl.

Nina then realizes that Trevor is nothing but a fraud and hypocrite who twists and turns his fundamentals for his convenience. The true nature of his betrayal convinces her to let go of all the changes he caused in her life, including her decision to not join Stanford. The road trip to California shows that she has returned to her original dreams after abandoning all the notions her ex-boyfriend injected into her.

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