Melanie Sawyer From Alone: The Reality Star Shares a Quiet Life With Her Fiance

Image Credits: Melanie Sawyer/ Instagram

Overcoming the insurmountable conditions of the wild, ten contestants go head to head in History Channel’s survival show. With no gimmicks, human contact, or technology, they try to deflect Northern Saskatchewan, Canada’s impossible cold and wild conditions. As the contestants try to blend with their surroundings and forage nature’s bounty, they also face vicious predators like bears, wolves, and mooses. Now in its tenth installment, ‘Alone’ first premiered in 2015. Melanie Sawyer is one of the contestants on season 10 of the reality television show. If you’re also curious to find out more about the competitor, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Melanie Sawyer Was Born in England

Born in Cotswolds, England, Melanie Sawyer was 54 when she participated in the show. Given her birthplace, her childhood was encompassed by nature’s lavish green and bounty. Hence, Melanie’s early years were shaped by the flanking green and woods around her. However, after leaving college with a mountain of debt, she launched her modeling career and discovered new paths.

Melanie Sawyer’s Profession

Shortly after she graduated from college, Melanie decided to model. It wasn’t long before she rose to success in the modeling industry. In the late ’80s, Melanie did not just accrue acclaim for her work but also got to experience its allied benefits. Soon, she began traveling around the world for various work assignments. However, Melanie realized she wanted more from life, so she moved to New York. Instead of being in front of the camera, she started working behind the scenes.

Melanie started working as a baby wrangler on photo shoots and film sets. Yet, amid a flourishing career in the fashion industry, Melanie continued to hone her love for nature, foraging, and history. In 2021, Melanie compounded her passion and interests by co-founding the Thunderhawk Living History School. The organization is a living history program spearheaded by living historians like her. Along with the organization’s members, Melanie depicts historical events of the 18th century through immersive live performances.

By closely reflecting the lives of Native American Indians, Highlanders, European settlers, Rogers Rangers, and people on the North Easter Coast of the New World, the Thunderhawk Living History School brings alive the essence of the 18th century. Melanie has adopted the persona of an English woman, following her heritage. She also teaches people about traditional modes of fire starting, wilderness survival, mycology, and living off the land.

The coinciding elements of survival and historical living led Melanie to apply for a spot on History Channel’s ‘Alone.’ While her intersectional interests in the two fields have allowed her to work on different things, Melanie has also been a dedicated member of the community. Following her stint in modeling, Melanie has continued to contribute to society in different ways. From volunteering to working for charities, Melanie earned her the Certificate of Congressional Special Recognition in 2013. On top of it, in 2022, she founded Wild Food and Wilderness, an index that guides people about edible plants.

Melanie Sawyer Kids

Melanie Sawyer is engaged to Brian McCormack, who works with her at the Thunderhawk Living History. Brian essays the role of the Commander of Native Forces on the North Eastern Coast. The duo and their dogs live in the remote wilderness of the Adirondack State Park. Surrounded by the bounty of nature, flora, and fauna, Melanie and Brian regularly take to Instagram to showcase their latest forages and the number of barn animals in their vicinity.

Melanie also has two biological children named Felix and Lucas and her nephew Ollie, whom she considers her own. The mother regularly fawns over her children on Instagram. Naturally, we wish Melanie Sawyer the best and hope for her to achieve all her personal and professional goals in the future!

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