Michael: Intervention Cast Member is Happily Married Today

Incapacitated by the insurmountable effects of addiction, ‘Intervention’ features numerous individuals who try to deal with the problems that arise as a result. From dealing with emotional turmoil to battling alcoholism and substance abuse, the reality television show features their long fight for recovery. As friends and family take charge of their loved one’s predicament, several intense situations emerge. Released in 2021, the 22nd iteration of the reality series features Michael, a man whose blossoming future was impeded by drug addiction. Since his appearance on the show, fans have been curious to know his whereabouts. So, if you’re wondering the same, then look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Michael’s Intervention Journey

With ambitious aspirations, Michael was once on the path to becoming a renowned musician. From performing with acclaimed artists to working with the famous hip-hop dance troupe Jabbawockeez, the television personality excelled in all aspects of life. Along with his ex-fiancee, he was on the path to great heights, but things changed unexpectedly. Growing up, Michael shared a close bond with his mother and stepfather. By adolescence, he was hooked on theatre and dancing. After unexpectedly dancing with Tye Tribett during his concerts, he kickstarted his career. Michael went on to perform at the BET Awards with stars like Stevie Wonder and Oprah.

Besides a career in dancing, he even joined the United States Navy at 25. After he was discharged, he found stability with Estee, and the couple even gave birth to their son, Hayden. However, when he was 30, he found that his stepfather was deceitful to his mother, and things derailed exponentially. While he managed to recoup momentarily and gain renown for his music, the overwhelming feeling caught up with him eventually. What followed was years of addiction. From not meeting Estee and Hayden for three years to surviving merely to supplement his addiction, Michael’s life blew out of a spiral.

From staying up for days to living on the streets to using unique methods to make more purchases, the television personality was slowly relegated to an even worse spot. Later, his ex-fiancée Estee revealed that he shared a history of mental and physical abuse at the hands of his parents. With the help of his friends from the Navy, Estee, and her family, Michael was offered the road to betterment. Interestingly, despite facing an arduous journey, the television personality readily admitted to seeking help and reclaiming his life. Naturally, fans wonder where is he these days and whether he is still addicted to crystal meth.

Where is Michael Now?

Soon after the cameras closed in on him, Michael continued putting an effort into improving his life. Since his time on the reality show, he has grown exponentially as a creative and a father. Fans and readers will also be delighted to know that Michael has stayed sober for two years and counting. Besides managing to escape from the impenetrable webs of addiction, he has also found other reasons to rejoice.

After recouping and finding ways to cope with his trauma, Michael also reconnected with Estee. Fortunately, the couple still shared the same feelings for each other. Shortly after the season came to a close, Michael and Estee tied the knot. While the television personality isn’t actively pursuing music and working proactively as a creative, he still shares a booming career and passion for his work. Not just this, he continues to make music.

As of the latest, he has held a facility manager position for a company in Seattle. Similarly, Estee is also accelerating in her career. The duo’s son, Hayden, is also progressing in his educational endeavors. When the family is not busy, they like to take time out for recreation and enjoy themselves wholeheartedly. Naturally, we await all the milestones that lay ahead in their future!

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