Michelle From Match Me Abroad: All We Know About the Star

Featuring talented matchmakers from across the world, TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ is a reality show full of drama, love, and heartbreak that one cannot help but be fascinated by. The show’s unique concept gives the participating singles the hope to find their perfect match, even if they might not be from the US. One such cast member from season 1 who quickly captured the attention of the world is Michelle Johnson, whose on-screen journey has made her fans eager to learn more about her.

Exploring Her Roots: Michelle’s European Heritage

Hailing from North Carolina, Michelle Johnson entered the TLC show at the age of 34. The reality TV star was born with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, and the condition impacted her heart functions and lifestyle in a major way. However, in April 2023, she proudly shared that she had been had undergone surgery about 16 months before and had been fully treated. Since then, she has focused much on her physical fitness, having been hospitalized numerous times in the past.

A talented and creative person at heart, Michelle is a woman of many talents. Her skill as a pianist is certainly enough to keep one captivated and only lends to her charm. Proud of her European heritage, she is also quite fond of traveling and traveled extensively across the British Isles in May 2023. About a decade prior to her reality television debut, Michelle used to live in Seattle, Washinton but then moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Michelle Johnson’s Profession

A musician at heart, Michelle Johnson describes herself as a “Wandering Adventurer,” often documenting her travels via photography. Interstingly, she is incredibly talented when it comes to swordsmanship. In fact, she even got a certification from the Society of American Fight Directors in 2009 while she was still in college.

Some of the weapons that are part of her repertoire include the broadsword, rapier, and dagger, though she seems equally adept at fighting someone without any external tool. Over the years, she has trained others in the art as well, whether they be kids learning how to use lightsabers or thespians preparing for a Shakespeare play.

Michelle Johnson’s Dating Life

As of writing, Michelle Johnson has not shared any updates regarding her romantic life and does not seem to be involved in a relationship. Through the show, she availed the services of Katarína Němcová to find a partner, with the latter being based in Prague, Czech Republic. One of the biggest reasons behind Michelle’s decision to find a partner outside of the USA was to explore and reconnect with her European roots.

Given that Michelle is a self-proclaimed “Feminist Princess,” it is no wonder that one of the most crucial qualities that she wants in a partner is an acceptance of gender equality. In other words, the advocate of female rights hardly desires a man who would want her to fit in a certain mold of what a woman should or should not do. Her preferences for the same were certainly reflected during her time on the show, where she expressed her desire to want a partner who would treat her as an equal and love her with all his heart.

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