Michika McClinton and Keely Roberge: Where Are Spencer Herron’s Students Now?

As a documentary series living up to its source podcast in every way imaginable, Hulu’s ‘Betrayal: The Perfect Husband’ can only be described as equal parts bewildering, haunting, and shocking. That’s because it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really shine a light upon the double life predator Spencer Herron lived until his ultimate arrest in mid-2018. Amongst those to thus feature in the original were actually two of this high school video production educator’s former students on whom he’d tried to make a pass — Michika McClinton and Keely Roberge — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Michika McClinton is Exploring Opportunities in the Entertainment World

It was back in 2008 when Georgia native Michika graduated from Kell High School while feeling on top of the world because her favorite teacher Coach Herron had penned her a farewell note. She admittedly considered him the “cool” instructor whose video classes were like a break from the typical school day, yet she still called him Coach since he also helmed the girls’ soccer team. Hence, of course, the 17-year-old felt extremely special once she read his letter, but looking back at it now just makes her feel uneasy as it’s no way a person is supposed to talk to his minor student.

After all, he’d penned, in part: “Michika, I can’t say goodbye, so I won’t even try… I hope we can stay friends, work together, and both grow in video production… I want to thank you for being you! There has never been one like you — nor will there ever. I know without a doubt you will succeed in whatever you decide to try. I only hope I get to share it with you in some way. I already miss you!” The fact Spencer then approached her every few months to “catch up” and ask for a coffee meet-up is strange too, considering we now know he’s a sexual predator who often manipulated others through his charm, but thankfully these meetings never ended up happening.

As for Michika’s current standing, she’s an actress as well as a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she’s gradually spreading her wings in a seeming attempt to step into mainstream entertainment. From what we can tell, she has already done national tours with her original music, completed a few print-commercial modeling projects, and played roles in shorts like ‘Spectacles’ (2022). However, in her early 30s, she’s presently feeling inspired by both her creative parents and thus solely focusing on her acting career by taking up a lot of theater plus supporting roles in upcoming projects such as ‘Somewhere in Dreamland’ as well as ‘Birthday Girl.’

Keely Roberge is Progressing in Professional Pursuits

If there’s one thing Keely knows for certain from her high school experience between 2011 and 2015, it’s that Spencer Herron was always a little inappropriate since he never set any clear boundaries. She didn’t understand the heinous extent of it at the time, yet she’d seen students could get away with most things if he were there, and that’s why she herself tended to skip many of his classes. “I also self-harmed. I’m okay to admit that,” she candidly elucidated in the Hulu original. “It was something he’d noticed, and he didn’t tell a guidance counselor or the administration or my parents or anybody.”

Keely continued, “As a kid, I appreciated it, but he should have. If they are keeping secrets or asking you to keep secrets, something’s not right. Because an adult who really cares about you is not going to do that — they’re going to want you to get help.” Then there’s the fact Spencer not just messaged the 18-year-old on Facebook a few months later, saying things like “So cool to watch you mature and grow,” but also soon showed up at her place of work. Keely said, “When he came in, he hugged me. It was kind of a longer hug than I would have been comfortable with, and he very audibly sniffed me… That was kind of when [our communication] ceased, and I went and blocked his number.”

Coming to Keely’s current standing, the Atlanta Metropolitan Area resident is a workforce professional who admittedly specializes in customer service and telecommunications, all the while having experience in office administration plus data entry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise the mid-20-year-old presently serves as a full-time Administrative Assistant at the Kennesaw, Cobb County-based software company Certified Technical Experts Inc. We should also mention she’s reportedly working towards getting a medical coding and billing certificate from the University of Georgia at the moment, following which she plans on earning some additional clerical/office experience at a medical level to, hopefully, eventually help companies in the industry expand and optimize.

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