How Many Women Did Spencer Herron Sleep With? How Many Of Them Were His Students?

With Hulu’s ‘Betrayal: The Perfect Husband’ being based on season 1 of the hit titular podcast, we get a true insight into the double life and actions of convicted sex offender Spencer Herron. After all, it turns out he was not just a married video production teacher as well as Air Force Band member but also a predator who often utilized his charm to manipulate women into sleeping with him. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about his affairs — including how many of them involved outrightly assaulting his minor students at Kell High School — we have got the details for you.

Spencer Herron: 60+ Affairs During Marriage

Although it’s unclear precisely how many women Spencer has gotten involved with in his existence, it is believed he had over 60 affairs between 2012 and 2018 while married to Jennifer Faison. As per the docuseries, this need for gratification in him all began following the crumbling of his first marriage as he realized he hadn’t really had the 20s experience most people did in their lifetime. He thus decided to let loose in a way he never had before, meaning he allegedly partied, dated around, and let his fantasies shine through before suddenly reuniting with college sweetheart Jenifer.

Spencer actually proposed to this lost partner of his after a whirlwind romance under the belief she was “the love of his life” and was certain he’d be able to change his ways once he settled down. However, he never even tried — he reportedly claims the opportunities simply presented themselves, but the truth is he actively sought women out by approaching them through Facebook or in person. In fact, according to the production, he not only cheated on Jenifer the week of their wedding in late December 2012 but also had several overlapping affairs lasting 2-3 years in the ensuing period.

Though arguably the worst part is that Spencer was so good at hiding this particular side of his that she had absolutely no idea something was going on behind her back until his ultimate June 1, 2018, arrest. That’s despite the fact Jenifer knew some of these other women personally, like his Air Force Bandmate (known as “Hope” in the podcast as well as the show) and one of the couple’s real close friends. The latter had actually broken things off relatively early due to her guilt and also came clean to her spouse, following which the former still somehow convinced them not to say anything to his own wife.

As per the original, Spencer even had an affair with a woman who prefers to go by “Lauren” in this case, especially as she’s his last known lover and has a reputable community standing in real life. We should also mention that despite the fact these women knew he was married, the reason they went ahead with the physicality was because he did make it seem like they were the only ones for him. He purportedly told several of his partners there was zero emotional connection left in his marriage anymore and that they were the woman he truly loved — all of which was allegedly false manipulation.

Spencer Herron: From Teacher to Convicted Predator

It has been reported that Spencer utilized these same near-narcissistic tactics to lure a few students into his trap, but it wasn’t until the mid-2010s that he really stooped to this predatory level. No, prior to this, he seemingly merely fantasized about such things — according to the online footprints Jenifer uncovered following his arrest, he did have school-girl, violent, and submissive fantasies. Nevertheless, they ostensibly remained just that until 2016 — until he finally had enough of having intercourse with solely adult women at home, at the business he and his wife shared, plus outside.


According to Spencer’s court records, he sexually assaulted at least three students between 2016 and 2018 by either convincing them he liked them or under some other school-based pretense. However, only the accusations made by Rachel (full name not revealed for privacy reasons), the first teen to ever come forward against him, have stuck owing to all the evidence in the matter. Per her narrative, he took advantage of her both inside and outside the campus when she didn’t know any better for almost two years, even going as far as to take her on “unsanctioned ‘field trips’.”

Thankfully, with the support of her parents, Rachel got the courage to come forward once she realized what was happening was not at all right, resulting in an investigation and the eventual arrest of her teacher in 2018. That’s when some of Spencer’s former students, like Michika McClinton as well as Keely Roberge, reported his now-clearly inappropriate behavior too — although he didn’t make a direct pass at any of them while they were at school prior to 2016, he did give them special treatment and approached them online later on. While some might have fallen into his trap this way, many did not — and now, while Spencer is a registered sex offender, most of his victims are reclaiming the part of their life he destroyed by speaking up.

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