Where is Jenifer Faison Now?

Glass Entertainment Group and iHeartMedia’s ‘Betrayal’ is a podcast that can only be described as a first-hand account of television producer Jennifer Faison’s real-life fairytale gone terribly wrong. After all, it’s where she truly opens up about the way her husband, Spencer Herron, led a double life for years — one as a kind partner as well as an educator and the other as a sexual predator. So now, if you wish to learn the details of her personal experiences (both while and after he was a crucial part of her life), along with her current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Jenifer Faison?

Jenifer Faison first came across Spencer Herron while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, which led to a romantic involvement that ended once college did as well. However, they somehow reconnected around two decades later, and it was as if she’d found the perfect man, compelling them to tie the knot following a brief yet treasured courtship. With seven years of marriage under their belt, she believed she knew who her doting husband was, that is, until she came home from work on June 1, 2018, just to find her house searched and him arrested.

Spencer had repeatedly sexually assaulted a student, a fact Jenifer had a little trouble comprehending until she uncovered his philandering, with affairs dating back to the week they married. From close friends to strangers and from mere acquaintances to neighbors, her husband had sordid liaisons with everybody, all the while allegedly gaslighting them to justify his ways. He seemingly didn’t want his wife to discover the dark reality or the extent of his betrayal, which is why his (often simultaneous) infidelities were reportedly fueled by manipulation and pathological lies.

Where is Jenifer Faison Now?

“Spence was the last person who I ever would have guessed would have taken advantage of a kid, and I think anybody else who knew him would have said the same thing,” Jenifer Faison said in a press release for the podcast. “Could it be true that this man I loved was a sexual predator? I realized that afternoon that life as I knew it would never be the same. The future that we planned was gone, and that was the last time I had seen him.” In other words, not only did she and Spencer soon divorce, but it also took her a while to get over the devastation caused by his actions.

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Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell, Jenifer resides in Acworth, Georgia, at the moment, where she happily serves as an Executive Producer at Glass Entertainment Group. She actually prefers to keep her life well away from the spotlight these days, yet we do know that she has worked at Bravo TV, Big Table Media, and A+E, among many other big names before. It thus comes as no surprise that she has producer credits in several incredible shows, including ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,’ ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Storage Wars,‘ ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ and ‘Backyard Blowout.’ Apart from ‘Betrayal, her latest project is HGTV’s ‘Build It Forward.’

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