Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod: Marriage, Family, and Kids

Image Credit: OWN/YouTube

Egypt Sherrod is a renowned TV and radio host and realtor, best known as the host of the reality TV series ‘Property Virgins’ and ‘Flipping Virgins.’ She was previously a prominent radio show host and has interviewed several celebrities. Moreover, she is the CEO of Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group in Atlanta, Georgia. Born on November 16, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Egypt grew up in her grandparents’ home. Since her father and uncle were real estate brokers, she had exposure to the industry from a young age.

Egypt’s husband Mike Jackson is a professional DJ who goes by the name DJ Fadelf. He is also a licensed contractor, a realtor, an author, and a fitness trainer. The multi-talented power couple often helps each other on renovation projects and have appeared together on various shows such as ‘Black Love,’ ‘Married to Real Estate,’ and ‘Rock the Block.’ Fans love the couple’s chemistry and are curious to know more about their off-screen lives. So, here is everything we know!

Mike and Egypt: How Did They Meet?

Mike Jackson first saw Egypt Sherrod hosting an event in New York, and for him, it was love at first sight. At that time, Eqypt used to be a famous radio personality working at the WBLS radio station in New York, while Mike used to be a popular radio DJ. He approached her several times, but she turned him down numerous times since she was recovering from her past relationships.

In ‘Black Love’ season 3, Egypt divulged further about their story. She stated that she was skeptical to date a person from the music industry and found Mike to be a bit conceited about his charm. She ignored his many advances and began to focus on her house-flipping business, which she worked on besides the radio station. In need of a new contractor team, Egypt called her mentor for references. To her surprise, the contractor who turned up to assist her on the project was none other than Mike!

Seeing a different side of Mike changed Egypt’s perspective about him. His hard-working nature attracted her to him, and eventually, the couple began dating in 2004. After getting engaged in 2008, the couple first planned to tie the knot in 2009 at a destination wedding in Mexico. However, Egypt decided to postpone it at the last moment as she was skeptical about Mike’s past.

At the time, Mike was having conflicts with his ex-wife over their daughter Simone. So Egypt had apprehensions about his previous marriage and how his daughter would adjust with her. Luckily, the couple was able to work through their problems and insecurities by supporting each other and having unconditional faith.

Mike and Egypt’s Marriage and Kids

Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod tied the knot on September 11, 2010, in a beautiful ceremony at the West Mount Country Club in New Jersey. Egypt felt that it was the right time to take that leap based upon the common faith in God and each other that they shared. She was extremely happy to marry a man who loved her unconditionally, and she wholeheartedly embraced Simone as a daughter.

According to Egypt, she was not very keen on having children as she was focused on her career. But she and her husband Mike got a pleasant surprise in 2011 when she found out that she was pregnant. The couple welcomed their first daughter Kendall in January 2012 and moved to Atlanta after Egypt got a job at the WVEE radio station in the city.

Mike and Egypt planned on having a second child but had to face several obstacles since Egypt was suffering from chronic endometriosis. The doctors had even suggested a partial hysterectomy, but the couple remained resilient in their efforts. After trying to conceive for five years, their second daughter Harper was born in February 2019. Egypt was at high risk of a post-partum complication, but she managed to recover well and even called Harper their “miracle baby.”

Presently, Mike and Egypt lead a happy family life with their three daughters while wonderfully managing work responsibilities. They often treat fans with pictures of their sweet kids on social media. Egypt founded the Egypt Cares Family Foundation in 2008 and has received several accolades for her charitable work over the years.

In September 2021, Mike and Egypt completed 11 years of marriage. The couple has always had each other’s backs and has rooted for each other through thick and thin. On the professional front too, both are flourishing and achieving new milestones, together and individually. Here’s wishing them many more years of bliss and success.

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