Mikey Helton: Where is the Alone Season 10 Runner-Up Now?

The History Channel’s show ‘Alone’ pushes contestants to their limits as they self-document their survival journey in the challenging wilderness. Contestants must find food, endure harsh weather, and tackle numerous obstacles to win the $500,000 prize and the prestigious title. Mikey Helton, a participant in the 10th season, captivated viewers with his impressive skills, honesty, and determination. His story struck a chord with many, portraying a father dedicated to providing for his family regardless of circumstances.

Mikey Helton Had to Eat Rats to Survive in the Cold

When Michael “Mikey” Helton joined the 10th season of ‘Alone,’ he was determined to utilize his skills and give his best effort each day. The Rome, Georgia, resident clearly understood the northern Saskatchewan terrain in Western Canada and carefully selected items to help him endure the harsh conditions. Knowing his carpentry expertise, Mikey brought an axe and a saw to make the most of the available resources and a cooking pot for sustenance. Despite his preparations, the journey took a lot of work. The cold penetrated his tent, and his sleeping bag offered little relief. Mikey had to catch and eat a rat at one point due to the lack of other food sources.

His endurance was remarkable, and he became one of the final three contestants, along with Alan Tenta and James “Wyatt” Black. As the end of the season approached, Mikey realized his health was deteriorating and that he would need medical intervention if he didn’t tap out. Although the prize money would significantly benefit his family, he knew he needed to prioritize his well-being to continue caring for them. With this in mind, he decided to tap out and was declared the runner-up for the season.

Mikey Helton is an Immensely Skilled Carpenter

Mikey Helton is a skilled carpenter whose talents were honed from a young age. Growing up in a small town without basic amenities like electricity and running water, Mikey spent much of his time in the wilderness. This environment allowed him to develop essential survival skills, such as hunting, fishing, tracking, purifying water, and making fire. Working with wood also became a hobby, becoming an indispensable skill as he grew older. Today, Mikey’s expertise in carpentry is exceptional, and he crafts items like arrows, spoons, mallets, and anything imaginable with equal precision and artistry.

Due to his early acquaintance with the wilderness, Mikey developed a deep connection with nature. He learned to recognize the naturally occurring bounty and quickly picked up on the values and benefits of various plants and herbs for human life. This knowledge proved immensely useful during his time on the show, and today, he practices natural and traditional treatment methods. Mikey creates natural medicines, harvests wild foods, and shares this knowledge with the younger generation. In August 2023, he shared that he had obtained some Yucca plants, known for their excellent cordage properties, and demonstrated how they could be used. Seeing him possessing such a wide expanse of knowledge and finding its relevance in today’s modern world is impressive.

Mikey Helton is Quite Active on His YouTube Channel

Since completing his time on the show, Mikey Helton has launched a YouTube channel, Mikey Helton Jr. The Carving Caveman has become quite active in it. Recognizing people’s curiosity about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the season, he has created numerous Q&A sessions to discuss his journey and explain how things worked on the show. These sessions have become quite popular, with viewers appreciating his efforts to arrange such interactions. He has also been taking the time to share his outdoor skills, like woodwork and arrow-making, with his audience.

After the release of the season and his subsequent rise in popularity due to his brilliant performance, Mikey Helton participated in various interviews, sharing snippets of his journey and what led him to compete. Channels like Muck Rack, KRQE-TV, and The Valder Beebe Show on KBYS-FM asked him insightful questions about his motivation and thoughts while alone in the bone-chilling cold. He was also invited to speak on WRGA Rome News Talk and The Headliner Chicago podcast, where he relived some of the most challenging days of his life.

In August 2023, he took to social media to document his weight loss from 301 lbs to 216 lbs in just 55 days of being on the season. It showed the kind of trials and tribulations that the contestants go through. With the release of the 11th season of ‘Alone’ in June 2024, Mikey has been posting recaps and sharing his opinions on his YouTube channel. These videos have also been well-received, garnering equal amounts of love and engagement from his audience.

Mikey Helton is Thoroughly Committed to the Care of His Son

Mikey Helton is married to Hazel Helton and has five children. The family resides in Rome, Georgia, where they live close to nature and instill the same values in their kids. For Mikey, his family is everything, and even during his time on the show, when he missed them greatly, he found a feather and used charcoal from his fire remnants to write a letter to his wife. He also made dream catchers for each of his kids and Hazel. He has expressed that while the time a contestant spends on the show is incredibly challenging, it is equally tough for the family, who must endure many days without their loved one.

Mikey’s decision to participate in the show was deeply influenced by his youngest son, Nikolais, who is around six years old and was diagnosed with autism. Mikey shared that the therapies, schooling, and other supports needed to improve Nikolais’s quality of life were costly, and winning the prize money would greatly ease financial pressures for his family. Although Mikey did not win the competition, his fellow contestant Luke Olsen set up a GoFundMe page for him, which has raised $131,730. Many people have praised Mikey for raising awareness about autism and consider him a champion for shedding light on the realities of living with and managing the condition.

Upon his return from filming, Mikey’s priority was giving Nikolais a heartfelt hug. He has shared that the young boy is doing well and is content, bringing their family immense joy. Mikey’s advocacy and the support he has received from others underscore the impact of his journey beyond the show, highlighting his dedication to his son and the broader autism community.

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