Is Mina Starsiak Married? Does She Have Kids?

Good Bones‘ on HGTV sees a spectacular mother-daughter duo revitalizing Indianapolis neighborhoods, one house at a time. Some of the projects need a serious rework as the houses are in a state of disrepair. However, they are always ready to demolish the initial structure and rebuild it into something unrecognizably beautiful. Karen E. Laine assists her daughter Mina Starsiak, who started as a real estate agent. Here’s all you need to know about Mina’s life.

Mina Starsiak’s Husband:

Mina has been renovating houses for a long time, but she started building a home for herself in 2016. Yes, we are talking about her marriage to Stephen or Steve Hawk. The two met in 2013 for the first time. Although the details of their exact meeting are unknown, they connected on Facebook when Mina noticed Steve thanks to some mutual friends. Their first date was at a baseball game, which did not go at all as Mina planned. In fact, she later said that Steve ignored her all night and even let his friend hit on her.

However, she gave him a second chance after the couple went through a difficult patch in their relationship. Steve and Mina soon began appearing in each other’s social media feeds, and things started to get serious between them. They attended a fair share of wedding parties together before taking the leap themselves. The two got married in Indianapolis, and Mina has described herself as a laid back bride while calling Steve a big softie. You can check out their wedding picture below.

Since then, the couple’s love has only grown, and Steve even helps Mina in her endeavors by acquiring properties for her to renovate. Mina and Steve celebrated their anniversary on June 11th, and you can see Mina’s ode to their love in a lengthy Instagram post.

Mina Starsiak’s Children:

In February 2018, Mina was pregnant with their first child, Jack Richard Hawk. She told the news to Steve in a creative way, using bacon. Obviously, Steve was overjoyed, as were all the fans. Not one to shirk off work, Mina was back at her job with little Jack by her side. When she films, Steve looks after their child. Here’s a picture of the happy family together.

Currently, Mina is pregnant again. She been carrying their second child for six months now and has even decided on a gender-neutral name. The ‘Good Bones’ castmember has revealed their child will be named Charlie Drew. She feels that Charlie is a great unisex name. Speaking to People, Mina has revealed why Drew is part of the baby’s name. It was chosen in honor of her “husband’s best friend that passed away I think six years ago now … and we’ve always thought whether we have a boy or a girl we’d like to incorporate his name in some way.” However, Mina’s journey towards motherhood has not been easy the second time. Initially, she struggled with infertility and bravely opened up about the fact. The couple finally managed through a round of intrauterine insemination (IUI).

We will leave you with Mina’s most recent post where she’s fawning over her boy.

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