Minding the Gap: Where are The Cast Members Now?

Directed by Bing Liu, ‘Minding the Gap’ is a documentary movie about three friends in Rockford, Illinois. Their shared love for skateboarding kept them united for many years, though life’s various ups and downs are hard to avoid. The 2018 movie has received much praise from viewers and critics alike for its presentation of topics like racism, economic struggles, abuse, and much more. Given the film’s focus on the three friends, people are eager to know their current whereabouts, and we are here to explore the same!

Keire Johnson is Pursuing Both Skateboarding and Music Today

As of writing, Keire Johnson, AKA Keaire Johnson, seems to be prospering and is based in Pheonix, Arizona. The Illinois native has fully embraced his love for skateboarding and music, given his decision to pursue the two fields for his profession. Presently, Keire is affiliated with Birdhouse Skateboards and can often be seen skateboarding. He is also a part of Animal Shin, a musical comprising him, My-Ruh, and Christian Isaak Krueger. The group had its first show on January 14, 2023, and has only continued to grow from there. Additionally, Keire works with Glixen, another music band.

Zack Mulligan is Leading a Quiet Life Today

It does not seem like Zack Mulligan is active on social media despite being one of the main stars of the documentary movie. Seen working as a Roofer in the film, he got promoted after the documentary’s production was over but before its release. Following ‘Minding the Gap,’ he shared that he had not known what exact direction the movie would take when it was still being filmed.

Zack further stated that he got used to the idea of being filmed, given just how long the production took place. Moreover, he praised his friend Bing Liu for his work. As a father to his young son, we are hopeful that Zack continues to provide for him and is trying his best to be there for his loved ones. In 2020, he was seen in ‘Death on the Streets,’ a drama series directed by Johan Carlsen. Besides, reports stated that he had purchased a house and was working with his father’s construction company.

Bing Liu Continues to be Passionate About Skateboarding

Since his success with ‘Minding the Gap,’ Bing Liu has continued working in entertainment. After the movie, he served as a Segment Director for ‘America to Me.’ In 2021, Bing released another Illinois-based film titled ‘All These Sons,’ which primarily focused on the guns and gangs and everything surrounding them in the southern and western parts of Chicago, Illinois.

Additionally, Bing has served as a Cinematographer for multiple projects. He has been part of the camera and electrical department for various movies and shows, including the upcoming ‘Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time.’ Despite everything, Bing has not let go of his passion for skateboarding and tries to enjoy it whenever possible. No matter what project he is a part of, the ‘Minding the Gap’ star is always happy to share updates with his fans and is never shy about receiving reviews regarding his work.

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