Minx Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow

The first episode of Starz’s comedy series ‘Minx’ season 2, titled ‘The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow,’ revolves around the aftermath of the shutting down of Bottom Dollar Publications. Upon giving away Minx to Joyce Prigger, Doug Renetti seeks the help of several businessmen and banks to reopen his publishing firm but fails to find a way. All the major publications want Joyce to join them because of the sensational success of Minx among women readers. The captivating episode ends with a significant decision Joyce makes that rewrites the fate of her magazine. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our thoughts regarding the second season premiere’s climax! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Minx Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

‘The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow’ begins with Doug trying to reopen his company after getting forced to shut down the same following the outrage of a group of chauvinistic men. He goes to banks for loans and fellow businessmen for funds but none of them are ready to invest in the company after the protests against the same. Although Doug has printed magazines to sell, he doesn’t have a distribution system to rely on their sales. Joyce, on the other hand, is struggling to sign with a publisher since every publishing company in town wants her to join them. She postpones choosing Minx’s new home, infuriating Richie and Bambi, who are currently unemployed.

Bambi goes to meet Shelly thinking that the latter may convince Joyce to choose a publisher. They end up having sex. Richie is doing freelance work as a photographer and goes to a client named Constance Papadopoulos’ house for an assignment. Joyce, who is tagging along with Richie, identifies Constance as one of the country’s first woman CEOs, who eventually lost her business empire. Constance is still incredibly wealthy and she wants Richie to take photographs of her and her new “boy toy.” Constance lets Joyce know that she is a fan of Minx, which makes the publisher incredibly happy.

Minx Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: Does Joyce Pick a Publisher? Does She Reunite with Doug?

After getting full control of Minx from Doug, Joyce is skeptical about partnering up with another man or a company that doesn’t understand the value of her creation. She doesn’t want the big shots to interfere with her work, especially by adulterating her magazine with content that doesn’t align with the other articles of the publication. That’s the reason why she hesitates to sign with a publisher even after listening to their lucrative offers. Joyce doesn’t want money but 100% creative authority over Minx and an ample amount of respect while publishing the same. Still, she realizes that Richie and Bambi need jobs after joining her for the sake of her magazine.

Joyce eventually decides to sign with Condé Nast, one of the biggest publishing companies in the country. However, before she signs a deal with the same, Doug appears out of nowhere with an offer Joyce cannot refuse. After learning about Constance’s wealth, Doug takes Joyce to the widow to pitch Minx. Doug realizes that Constance’s money can save Bottom Dollar but he is vice enough to know that the woman doesn’t care about his company. Therefore, he uses Minx to convince the businesswoman to open her purse. Even though Doug is using Joyce to reopen his establishment, the latter cannot ask for a better plan for the future of Minx.

Joyce knows that Constance is better than any other major publisher out there since she is capable of understanding what Minx is. The businesswoman stands for what Joyce believes in and such an alignment of their beliefs will make it easier for Joyce to publish Minx the way she originally intended. Thus, she picks Bottom Dollar as Minx’s new publisher because Constance is funding the operations of the company. Her choice also paves the way for her and Doug’s reunion. As far as Constance is concerned, Doug is an inessential part of Minx but Joyce thinks otherwise.

Despite their ideological differences, Joyce has immense gratitude towards Doug for helping her give birth to Minx. She also knows that Doug is a changed man. He is not in a position to alter the creative decisions Joyce will make hereafter, especially because beggars can’t be choosers. Joyce has proven that her formula is a success financially and Doug doesn’t need to meddle with the same since the same formula is expected to bring him a lot of money. Since Doug promises complete creative control over Minx to Joyce, she doesn’t have anything to worry about returning to Bottom Dollar, her previous home.

Will Tina Leave for Chicago?

While Doug tries to find a way to save his company, his right-hand woman Tina is contemplating leaving for Chicago to study business. She thinks that her employer doesn’t know about the same, only for Doug to ask her about her plans to leave him and Bottom Dollar for Chicago. Ideally, Tina may want to leave Doug for Chicago. She may not want to limit her ambitions by working as a personal secretary all her life, especially when she has a chance to study business and widen her wings by joining a reputed institution. Upon witnessing Joyce fight for her ambitions, Tina may have gotten inspired to prioritize her ambitions.

Having said that, such a departure will not be easy for Tina. She has an emotional attachment to Doug, which stops her from leaving him even when her company crashes to the ground. She stays for him because she knows that she is the only person who will. Therefore, she may wait until the businessman resolves his issues to reopen Bottom Dollar as one of the major players in the publishing game. She may remain in the company until she realizes that Doug doesn’t need her emotional support.

If that’s not the case, Tina may stay in Los Angeles to run Minx. While Joyce gets busy with the editorial aspects of the magazine, Tina may deal with the business aspects of the publication. Joyce must be more than happy to welcome an ambitious woman to join her team. Such a turn of events will also give Doug ample time to focus on bringing Bottom Dollar back to its glory.

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