Miranda Derrick’s Net Worth: How Rich is the 7M Dancer?

Image Credit: Miranda Derrick/Instagram

Michigan native Miranda Wilking was admittedly just a little girl when she first fell head over heels in love with the art of dance, only to continue immersing herself in it as the years passed. Her two years younger sister Melanie Wilking actually ended up developing the same level of passion for it too, yet their shared dream of pursuing a career in it together sadly didn’t pan out. That’s because, as alleged in Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ the former soon found herself getting involved with an alleged cu lt-like agency and working independently.

How Did Miranda Derrick Earn Her Money?

It was back around the mid-2010s that Miranda relocated from her suburban hometown to Los Angeles, California, upon graduating high school to seriously give her all to dancing as a profession. Though little did she know she’d quickly attain significant recognition by taking up the opportunity to compete in season 12 of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?,’ just to pass the initial few rounds. She didn’t reach the level she’d hoped, yet it seemed to be for the better at that moment since Melanie joined her down west a year later and they launched their own brand, Wilking Sisters.

According to reports, Wilking Sisters was such a success it managed to secure promotional deals/sponsorships with renowned labels within a short period, all the while continuing to post original dance choreographies. In fact, this brand apparently has over 800 posts on both Instagram as well as TikTok at the moment, plus they had nearly 1 million followers on both these social media platforms at its height. However, things changed after James “BDash” Derrick came into the sisters’ lives as Miranda’s beau as he introduced them to Robert Shinn, his Shekinah Church, and ultimately his management agency 7M Films, with the elder one to stick around.

While Melanie had quickly realized the church plus the talent management company wasn’t for her, Miranda actually gradually deepened her association with them until she was a 7M client. It thus comes as no surprise the Wilking Sisters ended, with the duo branching out individually, especially following the latter’s choice to cut all contact with family at Robert’s behest. She did later reconnect with them, but it’s apparently only at the surface level and because the pastor/CEO demanded it as a response to public backlash over his alleged controlling methods.

In fact, although Miranda vehemently denies all accusations of Shekinah Church and 7M Films being cults led by Robert Shinn, several ex-members have come forward to claim that they indeed are. Per their account, the latter organization takes a 20% commission fee, but at least another 40% of their income went to the former, and hence, the pastor/CEO in the form of tithes, donations, etc. So, it is believed the same holds true for Miranda, mainly as she’s still an active part of both these infamous institutions and almost exclusively collaborates with fellow current 7M Films members, including now-husband James “BDash” Derrick.

Miranda Derrick’s Total Income

Considering Miranda’s supposed situation as well as her countless collaborations with her husband, it makes sense to club their income from social media platforms to calculate her net worth. Both of them have a combined following of over 4 million on both TikTok and Instagram. Let’s first start with TikTok Creator Fund. Assuming the couple secures an average of 20 million views per video by posting weekly, the total number of views works out to be close to 3 billion in over 3 years. Since TikTok usually pays between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views, their total earnings from Creator Fund work out to be around $100000.

The second and the biggest segment of their revenue is brand partnerships. With the knowledge that Miranda and James have millions of followers on both Tiktok and Instagram, they are in a position to charge $10,000 to $40,000 (average $25,000) per sponsored post. This makes their income from partnerships close to $900,000 (25,000 x 12 months x 3 years) from each of the two platforms under the assumption that they have done one brand partnership every month over the past three years.

Then there’s Miranda’s YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers. She probably earns $30,000 to $40,000 per year from this particular outlet, totaling $100,000. As a result, her total estimated earnings over the past years have been $100,000 + $900,000 + $900,000+ $100,000, which equals $2 million. Considering the production cost for her videos, the management fees she has to pay, and all other possible expenses, we believe she has likely managed to retain just 50% of her total revenues, making Miranda Derrick’s net worth close to $1 million.

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