Mixtape Soundtrack: Songs and Where to Listen to Them?

‘Mixtape’ is a family comedy film that follows a young girl’s musical journey as she explores a mixtape left behind by her parents. Orphaned at the age of two, the now 12-year-old Beverly is excited to find the mixtape and becomes desperate to hear the songs when the tape tragically breaks. What ensues is a treasure hunt of iconic vintage songs which help the young protagonist discover a new side to herself.

The list of songs that Beverly hunts down is repeatedly complimented for belonging to people with good musical taste. If you were curious about hearing them one more time, you’re in luck! Here are all the songs from ‘Mixtape’ and where to listen to them.

Mixtape Soundtrack

The ‘Mixtape’ soundtrack is a compilation of songs made by Beverly’s parents, which their daughter discovers many years later. Since they are vintage songs, it takes the young girl some time to track them down, and the nearby record store owner, Anti, grudgingly helps. Interestingly, some of the songs are seemingly from mixtapes the film’s writer, Stacey Menear, received himself. Let’s check out these eclectic songs and where one can listen to them.

After a few tantalizing moments where it plays a fast rock-and-roll song, the mixtape unfortunately breaks, and Beverly has to track down each song noted down on the cassette jacket. Eight songs (with some surprises) are listed on the jacket, and Beverly finds the first one after she initially meets Anti, the record store owner. The first song is “Getting Nowhere Fast” by Girls at Our Best! and you can check it out here.

The next song also comes courtesy of Anti, who records it on another one of his Alcoholics Anonymous tapes. This one is the energetic Japanese rock ballad “Linda Linda” by The Bluehearts, and you can groove to it right here. “Better Things” by The Kinks is one of the harder songs that Beverly has to find, but she eventually manages to get a copy of it to listen to on her walkman. You can listen to the song on this link.

“I Got a Right” by the iconic proto-punk era band The Stooges is the next song. You can get its anti-establishment riffs right here. Beverly and her friend Ellen, egged on by the class black-sheep Nicky, begin to take on their rock-and-roll personas when they hear “Teacher’s Pet” by The Quick, which you can also rock out to right here. Nicky is also impressed by Beverly and her parents’ choice of music when the young girl mentions “The Quick” in school.

The song, enigmatically titled “The song that reminds me of that day on the hill,” is not real and takes Beverly some time and a small hike to decipher. Along with Ellen and Nicky, she climbs the 1000 steps of the Haunted Staircase at Greenwood Cemetery in Spokane, Washington (where the film is set) to find a swing, which symbolizes the song’s feeling. Unfortunately, this is a tune that you will have to imagine, as no link for it exists. “Crash Right Through It” by The Murderous Ambersons is also a fictional song (and band) that eventually leads Beverly to meet her mother’s only known acquaintance, Wes Kelley.

The film finally wraps up with Gail revealing that the last song, titled “The Wrong Song,” which is an original melody composed by the young protagonist’s parents for her before she was born. As the last bonus song, we thought we’d leave you with Gail’s favorite dance number, which Beverly plays for her in the film’s closing scene. The song is the catchy “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader (originally by Sherman Kelly), and you can listen to it right here.

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