47 Meters Down: 8 Similar Movies You Must See

Directed by Johannes Roberts,’ ’47 Meters Down’ centers upon two sisters who go for a vacation in Mexico and decide to explore the ocean through a shark cage. An adventure turns into a disaster after their cable snaps and their cage submerges 47 meters deep amidst shark-infested water. They are low on oxygen and must race against time to reach the surface in one piece.

The 2017 film is a survival horror film that makes your heart race and keeps you second-guessing yourself. If you are eager to experience such a thrill again and are in search of something equally exhilarating, then here’s a list of movies like ’47 Meters Down’ we’ve curated just for you. 

8. The Shallows (2016)

Nancy is a young medical student who drops out and travels to Mexico to cope with the death of her mother. She hitchhikes to a beach that her mother fondly visited when she was young. Two surfers warn her about the high and low tides, and shortly after, she surfs in the ocean and finds the corpse of a whale. As she approaches it, a great white shark attacks her and bites into her leg. She somehow makes camp on a rock and treats her leg, but it’s time for the high tide, which means the rock will submerge in water, and she will have to face the shark again. ‘The Shallows‘ is an action drama helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra, and much like one of the sisters on ’47 Meters Down’ who visits Mexico after a breakup, Nancy is also grieving the loss of a relationship in her life, but unfortunately, the two are met with horrible circumstances. 

7. The Reef (2010)

A group of people head for sailing as they have a good time and recall past instances. However, their boat is suddenly hit by a rock which causes it to sink slowly. They decide to swim back to the shore instead of letting the boat move them away from the coast. However, a Great White Shark is on their tail and starts to stalk the group in the middle of the ocean. ‘The Reef’ is an Australian film based on the true story of Ray Boundy, and the movie is directed by Andrew Traucki. As portrayed in ’47 Meters Down,’ the movie shows how the lack of preparation, equipment, and a backup plan can lead to life-threatening situations. 

6. Deep Blue Sea (1999) 

Biologist Susan McAlester is at the forefront of research about finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, which includes genetically altering a shark’s brain to extract the enzymes for their benefit. The project is carried out in an isolated research facility, and one day, the sharks become cognizant and smart, which allows them to break through and escape the torture. ‘Deep Blue Sea‘ is an out-of-the-box sci-fi adventure movie directed by Renny Harlin. If there’s one thing we can take away from both movies, it is to never underestimate the power of nature and unusual circumstances and to never tamper with creatures in their natural habitat. 

5. Open Water (2003)

Amidst the blue waters of the Caribbean, Susan and Daniel embarked on a scuba diving adventure, only to find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean due to a boat mishap. As they prayed for rescue, the appearance of circling sharks heightened their fear. With no other choice, they braced themselves and took every measure to survive in the unknown abyss that threatened their existence. Open Water‘ is an adventure drama movie directed and written by Chris Kentis. In both movies, the duo finds themselves in shark-infested water due to overlooking the possibility of human error or accidents that one must not overlook while engaging in such scenarios. 

4. Bait (2012) 

A group of people finds themselves trapped in a Queensland, Australia, supermarket as a devastating tsunami hits. But their situation takes a horrifying turn when they realize they are not alone. Giant, ravenous sharks circle around them in the flooded store. Fear takes hold of the group as they frantically search for a way out while trying to avoid the deadly predators.

With every passing moment, their odds of survival grow slimmer, and they are forced to summon every ounce of courage to outwit the massive beasts. Director Kimble Rendall is great at capturing the panic that runs through people during such a calamity in ‘Bait,’ an Australian action fantasy movie. Congruent to the duo in ’47 Meters Down,’ the survivors must come up with strategies and carefully plan their escape from gigantic Great White Sharks. 

3. Great White (2021)

Charlie, Kaz, and Benny are struggling to keep their seaplane business alive. Their fortunes seem to change when Joji and Michelle hire them for a dream vacation. However, their paradise quickly turns into a nightmare when the seaplane crashes onto the remote Hell’s Reef. The team is left stranded with limited supplies in a fragile inflatable lifeboat wafting in the vast ocean.

A deadly great white shark has sensed their presence, lurking ominously in the deep, dark waters. Now, they must outsmart the fearsome predator and survive the ultimate test of their wits and courage. ‘Great White‘ is an Australian thriller directed by Martin Wilson, who depicts the importance of properly coordinated teamwork, similar to what we see in ’47 Meters Down.’ 

2. Dark Tide (2012)

John Stockwell’s directorial, ‘Dark Tide’ is an adventure drama movie about Kate, who was once known as “the shark whisperer.” She is struggling to keep her shark diving business afloat aftder a fatal attack during one of her expeditions. Burdened with guilt and fear, she’s unable to take the plunge again. However, with bills piling up, her ex-boyfriend Jeff offers her a tempting job to lead a millionaire on a perilous, out-of-the-cage shark dive.

Despite her apprehension, Kate accepts the offer and sails to the infamous Shark Alley, determined to overcome her doubts and face her fears. Both movies feature the dangerous sport or adventure of shark diving, where they willingly seek the sea creatures until they are in a face-off with them. 

1. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) 

47 Meters Down: Uncaged‘ is the sequel to the original movie, and both are directed by Johannes Roberts, so this is the closest one can get to experiencing ’47 Meters Down’ all over again, with a new story. It begins with four teenage girls who embark on a daring escapade to explore a submerged Mayan city. Excitement brims within them as they plunge into the depths, but their elation is short-lived as they stumble upon a grisly truth. Deadly great white sharks lurk in these waters, eager to make them their prey. As their air supply wanes, the girls find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of claustrophobic caves and eerie tunnels, struggling to escape the jaws of Great White Sharks.

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