Christmas as Usual: 7 Similar Romantic Movies You Must See

Experience the enchanting holiday tale, ‘Christmas as Usual,’ directed and written by Petter Holmsen. The plot follows Thea as she returns to her rural Norwegian hometown to partake in a traditional Christmas celebration with her family. This year, however, she introduces a delightful twist by bringing along Jashan, her charming Indian boyfriend. What was expected to be a routine Christmas transforms into a heartwarming and tumultuous festive period, challenging preconceived beliefs and shaking up cherished traditions. The cast, including Ida Ursin-Holm, Kanan Gill, Marit Andreassen, and Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, brings to life the emotional journey of love, acceptance, and the joy of breaking boundaries during the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Christmas as Usual’ promises a unique blend of cultural richness and festive cheer. Here are 7 movies like ‘Christmas as Usual’ you should check out.

7. The Wedding Banquet (1993)


Directed by Ang Lee, ‘The Wedding Banquet’ unfolds as a poignant comedy exploring love and familial expectations. Winston Chao stars as a Taiwanese-American man navigating a sham marriage to satisfy traditional parents while secretly maintaining his relationship with Mitchell Lichtenstein’s character. The film, much like ‘Christmas as Usual,’ skillfully weaves cultural clashes and acceptance into its narrative. Both movies beautifully navigate the delicate balance between tradition and modernity, offering resonant tales of love’s transformative power amid familial expectations, laughter, and the universal pursuit of happiness, making ‘The Wedding Banquet’ a compelling watch for enthusiasts of the heartwarming chaos found in ‘Christmas as Usual.’

6. Mixed Nuts (1994)

‘Mixed Nuts’ is a festive comedy directed by Nora Ephron that mirrors the chaotic charm of ‘Christmas as Usual.’ Starring Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, and Rita Wilson, the film follows the quirky staff of a crisis hotline on Christmas Eve. As they grapple with a series of absurd events, from mistaken identities to unexpected guests, the holiday spirit takes an unexpected turn. Both films share a comedic exploration of unconventional holiday celebrations, offering a blend of humor and endearing moments amid the festive chaos, making ‘Mixed Nuts’ a delightful companion to the unique charm of ‘Christmas as Usual.’

5. Four Christmases (2008)

Four Christmases‘ echoes the thematic resonance of ‘Christmas as Usual’ by delving into the complexities of family dynamics during the holiday season. Directed by Seth Gordon, the film features Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as a couple attempting to navigate their way through four separate Christmas celebrations with their divorced parents. Like ‘Christmas as Usual,’ it humorously explores the challenges of blending different family traditions, showcasing the inevitable chaos and comedic moments that arise when confronting the diverse expectations and idiosyncrasies of multiple familial gatherings. Both films share a lighthearted yet insightful approach to the intricacies of holiday family gatherings.

4. Home for the Holidays (1995)

Directed by Jodie Foster, ‘Home for the Holidays’ resonates with ‘Christmas as Usual’ through its heartfelt exploration of family dynamics during festive times. Starring Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr., the film follows a single mother, played by Hunter, as she navigates the ups and downs of a Thanksgiving reunion with her eccentric family. Similarly, ‘Christmas as Usual,’ by introducing an Indian boyfriend to a traditional Norwegian celebration, shares the theme of navigating familial expectations and traditions. Both films capture the essence of familial quirks, portraying the challenges and joys of coming together for holidays, weaving humor and genuine emotion into the tapestry of family connections during special occasions.

3. The Family Stone (2005)

For those enchanted by the festive charm of ‘Christmas as Usual,’ ‘The Family Stone‘ provides an engrossing narrative directed by Thomas Bezucha. The film, featuring a talented ensemble including Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton, immerses viewers in the intricate dynamics of a close-knit family during the holiday season. In a parallel to ‘Christmas as Usual,’ it explores the tensions and joys that arise when introducing a new member into familial traditions. What sets ‘The Family Stone’ apart is its ability to balance humor, emotional depth, and the exploration of family bonds. With a unique blend of wit and heart, the film delivers a resonant and relatable tale of love, acceptance, and the inevitable quirks of family life during festive moments.

2. Bride & Prejudice (2004)


Embark on a cross-cultural journey with ‘Bride & Prejudice,’ the vibrant creation of director Gurinder Chadha, tailor-made for enthusiasts of ‘Christmas as Usual.’ Aishwarya Rai takes center stage as Lalita Bakshi, injecting spirited life into this Bollywood-inspired adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic. Chadha weaves a tapestry of love and cultural collisions against a backdrop of energetic musical sequences. In a thematic resonance with ‘Christmas as Usual,’ the film explores the complexities of love amid familial expectations and traditions. ‘Bride & Prejudice’ is not just a film; it’s a joyous celebration of diversity, offering a unique cinematic experience that seamlessly blends cultural richness with the universal theme of love’s transformative power.

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)


Dive into the uproarious world of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ a cinematic gem directed by Joel Zwick that beckons fans of ‘Christmas as Usual’ with its vibrant celebration of cultural idiosyncrasies. Nia Vardalos takes the lead as Toula, a woman navigating the labyrinth of love amidst the lively chaos of her boisterous Greek family. As she introduces her non-Greek beau, played by John Corbett, the film unfolds into a tapestry of laughter and heart. Zwick masterfully captures the collision of traditions, making ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ a must-watch for fans of ‘Christmas as Usual.’ Its comedic charm and exploration of love amid cultural diversity provide a refreshing resonance for those seeking a unique and joyous cinematic experience.

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